Friday, October 11, 2013

Paint Chip Display {DIY Art}

It's my 11th installment of DIY Art for Your Home!

This little idea is so simple that I'm almost embarrassed to include it on its own day! In the few months I've had this piece though, I've been surprised at how flexible it is and how many people remark on it.

I first whipped this up for our guest room in our home in Ohio. It was in this collage display above the bed.

The collage wall was a work-in-progress, but before it had much time to progress, we decided that room would better function as our oldest son's room and a guest room on the side. So, I moved the collage wall out to the hall. Here it is, with the paint chip display front and center!

Notice how muted and soft the colors look when displayed next to other soft colors?

Well, then we moved. And while our bathroom has gotten most of the other things in the above gallery wall, I loved how the paint chip display looked when paired with bright colors!

Now this simple piece of art is a happy addition to our classroom!

But what is it, exactly?

The frame was something I found at a yard sale. It was $1 and had a terrible picture in it. I was collecting things to use in Josiah's nursery gallery wall, pictured below. I didn't have a picture to use before Josiah was born, so I took the frame apart, dry-brushed it with white paint, then used those little metal staples that keep the glass in place as something to string twine through.

See it there on the right? I thought I would replace the string and clothes-pinned cards with a real picture of our darling little boy, but I never did. I loved the textures of this gallery wall as is, but that's for another day!

See you tomorrow!

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