Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chalkboard Wall {DIY Art}

Sometimes art doesn't need to be confined to a frame or be something you can take off a wall and move to another room. Sometimes it just requires a pint of paint and a few hours of work. Something like this.

Yes, I'm talking about a chalkboard wall! I painted this wall in the kitchen of our home in Ohio. Here it is with some birthday graffiti!

I painted this wall the backsplash with a pint of chalkboard paint and had plenty leftover. If you're not into black, chalkboard paint can be tinted whatever color you choose at a hardware store.

Yes, sometimes DIY art for your home is a whole big wall!

And sometimes computers put monkey wrenches in one's plan. For some reason my power cord wouldn't work for a couple days this week, so I missed a day in my 31-Days Series, but today you get two! Aren't you lucky!

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