Friday, January 30, 2015

My #walk365 Project

I'm not really into New Year's resolutions. I think they're optimistic and idealistic and doomed to failure. But who doesn't like the idea of a fresh slate and a new start? This year is a big one for me. My husband will be graduating in May and we'll probably move around then. My kids all have birthdays in May and they'll be 4, 6 and 8. Which means homeschool will have another layer of "real" and "important". I also turn 40 in October, and while I'm still in massive denial--I just turned 30--I do want to be proud of how I'm taking care of myself.

One thing I've resolved to do this year is walk. Easy, right? Well, with the move coming up, with babysitting and living in the midwest during the winter (and hot, muggy summer, ugh!), I didn't want to say I'd walk EVERY day, but I still thought an average of 365 miles for the year would be doable. So #walk365 was born!

Well I'm happy to report that one month in, I'm still going strong! In fact despite it's being January, I'm ahead of the game! As of today, January 30, I've walked 27 times this month. I haven't missed a day for three weeks! We've been blessed with some nice (for Nebraska) weather and I've managed to squeeze in 33.5 miles!

Twice a week I walk with a friend. Another two days my husband is home and I'm able to walk alone while the kids are having quiet time. The other three days are more random, but I've made walking my mile a priority and I've stuck to it.

I know one mile a day isn't a big deal, but making exercise and fresh air a priority is a big deal for me. Getting into the habit and not missing a day for three weeks is something I'm proud of. I hope to blow by my 365 mile mark well before 2015 is over.

Want to join me? I'll look for you on instagram by the #walk365 tag. See you there!


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