Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a fabulous Mother's Day, thankyouverymuch, and I hope you did too!

Since my babies both have birthdays in the same week as Mother's Day, this time of year is kind of a big deal for our family. My Mom visits from California each year, and we have 5 days together!

We coffee-shopped.

We museumed.

We celebrated.

J2 is now a big 1-year-old.

J1 is 3!

He doesn't mind sharing his birthday with Mother's Day. Isn't he too sweet?! (Thanks for helping him with these flowers, Grandma!)

So let's back up a few days and see the making-of the gift my kids gave their Grandmas. We got a 3-pack of cute, colorful canvas bags from my favorite love-to-hate super-store that starts with "W" and ends in "almart". Then we found multiples of dollar store books.

I smeared acrylic craft paint on J1 and J2's little hands ...

...and very carefully without breathing or blinking and with a big huge HOPE that they don't wiggle too much, pressed their tiny, adorable hands onto the bags.

I pulled out some trusty Sharpies and wrote "Storytime with Grandma" on the other side of the bag. The idea is to set up a Skype appointment so long-distance Grandmas can read with their Grandbabies. So fun!

Grandma J loved it!

Grandma G did too!

As for me, I had a wonderful day with my bro and SIL/BFF ...

... malts with the whole fam (we also tried fried pickles--super YUM!) ...

... and last-but-certainly-not-least, roses from Mr. G.

Aw! And it's potted, so they won't be wilted by the end of the week! Awesome!


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