Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pregnancy #4: 36 Weeks

I can't believe baby girl is 36 weeks along! Seems like time is flying, but it also seems like I've been pregnant forever!

I've been working on a few things in the baby's room. I moved the wall unit in from the bathroom to hang above the changing table. I had a shelf with knobs on it, but I think this will be more functional for diaper changing and dressing our baby girl.

I also went through baby's clothes, pulling out the newborn stuff and making a stack of things to take to the hospital. I'm starting to feel that I should go ahead and pack that bag, but my other babies have been over 41 weeks, so I think I'm ok for now.

 Our little girl is not lacking for shoes! Aren't they fun? She has at least 10 pairs!

As for me, I still feel pretty good, usually. I do get tired easily. We were very busy this weekend and with the time change, I've been going to bed pretty early! I'm still walking (my October review is here) and can still do a mile, though I'm much slower than I was a few weeks ago. Everything looked fine at my last doctor's appointment. Starting this week, I go every week, and because of my "advanced maternal age" I'll be doing a non-stress test each week as well.

I've hesitated sharing this on the blog because people are so opinionated, but a list of factors has made us opt for a scheduled c-section this time around. I've had one before and felt strongly in favor of natural births for my 2nd and 3rd babies, but here we are again! It's definitely different to have a day scheduled instead of waiting for baby to decide.

I thought it would be fun to do a series of weekly shots starting with 18 weeks when we learned this baby is a girl. She (and I) has definitely grown!

That red shirt sure stands out! I actually am wearing it in my 35 week photo, but it looked so similar to the 33 week shot that I changed it to black and white. I do love red...

Only one more update to go!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Project #walk365 {October}

You guys! I'm still walking!

Seriously. This is kindof a big deal!

My original goal was to walk 365 miles in 2015, an average of one mile a day, obviously. At the beginning of the year, the other part was to walk every day. I'm taking weekends off now, but I'm also growing another human, and I passed the 365 mile marker back at the beginning of October! So the goal has changed along the way, but the point is that I'm still walking!

1. Oh look--feet! I've decided to set my October goal to 1 1/2 miles 5 days a week. Hope that will keep me motivated but not overwhelmed.
2. Just an early morning walk with a rafter of turkeys. That's Idaho!
3. Bam! 365 miles complete! I'm not quitting my walks quite yet though! (It just so happened that this milestone was on my 40th birthday!)
4. I'm having to walk later in the day because mornings are cold and dark. Glad I have a schedule that allows for that!
5. We live by a tree farm and it's fun to see the colors en masse on my walks.
6. Same tree farm as yesterday. Still pretty!

1. Aren't the clouds cool? So was the weather. Should have dressed a little warmer, but it still beats being hot!
2. Old MacDonald's barn is my turn-around spot these days. (Seriously, that's the name on the mailbox!)
3. My, what long legs I have! The bump is getting more prominent.
4. The hills are highlighted with yellow and orange!
5. I love fall! We've been having frosty nights and warm days with plenty of sunshine. Wish you could see the mountains better.
6. Not a bad view on my walk today.

1. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! 380 total miles this year!
2. We showed the boys the joy of geocaching today! It was great for the first three caches but the fourth had us scaling mountains and watching out for bears! We never did find it.
3. Sunset over Lake Pend Orielle (part of the geocaching adventure).
4. We got rain last night so the sky is clean and the grass and trees are sparkling.

1. I want to walk down this road to see where it goes! Sadly it's private property.
2. It was 39* when I left for my walk with frost still in the shade.
3. Did you know there are deciduous conifers? I just learned about tamarack trees this week. They're pretty!
4. It was still frosty and a cold 34* at 8 AM and I had to bundle up for my walk!

1. There's snow on the mountain behind the clouds!
2. The rain has greened up the grass, even as the leaves are falling.
3. On a whim we tried the Viewpoint Trail at Priest Lake. When you start at the lake there will be climbing involved to get to said viewpoint! Climbing is hard when you're 34 weeks pregnant! The view and the feeling of accomplishment were worth it though.
4. Celebratory selfie at the top of the Viewpoint Trail at Priest Lake.
5. Thankful for a break in the rain for my walk today. I like rain but not getting wet.
6. There was finally another break in the rain and I got my 1.5 miles in! Technically it's November, but I need one more for October, so I'm counting it! Also, more snow on the mountains!

Ok, so my last October walk was really in November, but I'm totally justifying it. Both Friday and Saturday were really rainy and really busy, and I just couldn't make myself walk in the rain. That brings me to a total of 33 miles in October, and 396 miles total for 2015. Yay!

My goal for November--taking into consideration that it's weeks 36-39 of my pregnancy, there's Thanksgiving and the weather might just include snow before the end of the month--is one mile a day, five days a week. That's only 20 more miles! I will take December off (hello, baby!) and slowly ease back into walking in January, if the weather allows.

Have you kept your exercise goals for 2015?


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