Friday, February 17, 2012

Crown Molding, Decorative Trim and Duct Tape

Last September, my husband took a week off and refinished the hardwood floors in the back half of our house. The kids and I ran away to Grandma and Grandpa's house, but before we left I helped move everything out of the bedrooms and hall closets so the floors could be sanded and stained and sealed. This post isn't about that.

When the rooms were empty, we realized how much better it would be for our family if we switched the 'master' bedroom with the room our boys were currently using. It wasn't a real master suite, just a larger room with bigger closets. Their old room was closer to the bathroom and on the windier, colder side of the house. So we switched rooms. This post isn't about that.

I painted this room in October. The walls are a greige that I mixed myself using leftover tan, black and white paints. I think it's perfect and will need to find a similar color for other rooms! I painted the ceiling too, and I think it's the perfect shade of blue. I hate cutting-in, so I painted the very top of the walls blue like the ceiling, thinking I'd figure out someway to make it look intentional. That is what this post is about!

See more about this door HERE

However, we were all sleeping on mattresses on the floor and living out of suitcases, so I didn't figure something out right away. I left the paint like this:

You can read about this wreath HERE

We moved in, I fixed up the closet, made little roman shades, showed the world our headboard but couldn't do a final reveal because of that stinking trim! I went ahead and finished my boys' room, then it was Thanksgiving and Christmas and after the New Year, I started in on the hall closets (as seen here and here). And we lived with the unfinished trim.

The one whom my soul loves suggested I just take the wall color up to the ceiling and be done with it. I didn't have any greige paint left and couldn't mix more because one of the colors I'd used was gone. I bought wood trim thinking I'd paint it white and hang it around the border. Well, I tried and it was a lot of work and didn't look right or hang straight and would have required lots of nail holes and caulk. 

And then while perusing the paint section at Walmart (yes, that's where I get my paint and after painting several rooms with custom colors and using off-the-shelf trim paint for several years, I have no problem with their brand of paint!), I saw colored duct tape.  

{*Edited* The blue I chose is called Calm Misty Sea in semi-gloss. The pictures are very true to the color it looks in person.The greige I mixed myself is very similar to Rural Fairfax Gray. Love it!}

Oh yes, I did! 

Four months after my original paint job, three weeks after purchasing one roll of white duct tape, I finished the "trim" in an hour. 

I used a level and a pencil (a laser level would have worked better, but we don't have one) and marked a faint line, then unrolled the duct tape as I made my way around the room. My boys did this: (I can't believe my 4-year-old can play computer games by himself!)

The whole project was really easy and super-gratifying! I can't stop staring at it! 

I love the look of the blue ceiling, and I love the feel of crown molding, and I love that this was so much easier than hanging crown molding or cutting-in around the ceiling!

Doesn't it look more finished and polished?

Read more about this canvas & vinyl art display HERE

One more time:

What do you think? Have you used duct tape for anything unusual lately?

The shade of blue I used was 'Calm Misty Sea'. It's Walmart's ColorPlace paint in semi-gloss. The greige walls are very similar to Rural Fairfax Gray, also by ColorPlace.
The 07-02-06 art on the board above the door is our anniversary date painted with stencils.

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  1. This was soo beautiful. Love it

    Have a nice weekend


  2. Well done! Love the way this looks, very fresh and crisp. I plan to use the basket weave printed duct tape to cover cans for my craft room, once I find some!

  3. Ellie, you're so creative! I really like your blog and your posts! I read a few and I'm so happy to have found you! So, we'll stay in touch from now on!
    Love, Olga (your newest follower!)

  4. that is a great idea! btw - is the 07/02/06 sign your anniversary or something else? I like that!

  5. I see many home decorating ideas but I have to say that your duct tape crown molding is brilliant! It looks phenomenal and the best part is that, unlike crown molding, I can actually afford to do this project. Many thanks! Oh - I love the blue you used. What is the name/brand?

  6. I edited my post to include the paint color--can't believe I left that out originally! It's called Calm Misty Sea and it's Walmart's ColorPlace paint in semi-gloss.

    The 07-02-06 art above the door is our anniversary date painted on a barn board with stencils.

  7. Oh my gosh, shut up...that is so brilliant!!! I am seriously going to remember this trick- it looks fabulous! btw so does that gigantic barn door behind your bed!!

  8. That is AWESOME!!! Totally pinning this! Thanks for giving me the link!

    Can't get over that headboard too!

    I'm in the process of re-doing all the blogs I follow, so for now I have you bookmarked!

    @ Creatively Living

  9. I am soooo loving this idea!! Great job!If you get a chance come link it up at The Stinky Linky Party. If worries...have a happy weekend!

  10. Thanks for letting me know about the issues (wonder how long that was there?). I fixed it and relinked you. Hopefully I picked the right picture. Thanks!

  11. It looks amazing! I can't believe it's duct tape! Love the way that looks! Thanks for sharing.

  12. That is so cool. I would have never thought of that, very clever! Coming form Remodelaholic linky.

  13. Yay for white duct tape! and for your ingenuity! Saw your post at Serenity Now.


  14. Ellie- The whole room looks just smashing. You did a great job. You know what I think the best accessory is though? Those two little guys on the bed! xo Diana

  15. I also HATE cutting in at the wall-meets-ceiling place. What a great solution! It looks wonderful.

  16. LOVE IT ! I may have to do this :)

  17. Perfect! Who does like the cutting in process of painting. I hate painting period. Love it after it is done but oh the whining while we do it. And it isn't CH, my husband whining, it is me :) I will be showing this to CH, what a great idea. Such inspiration I have found here! How fun. Amazing things I learn when I can't sleep and fire up the computer.

  18. Hi Ellie!

    That very first photo had me thinking that you had real picture rail molding up and I was LOVING that you painted the ceiling that lovely blue!

    Then came the "living in the process' photos... I know how that is. After awhile you just see past it.

    Now the duct tape idea is absolutely ingenious! Are you sure your husband didn't think of that?

    Thanks for sharing at my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  19. This is the neatest thing I've ever seen and I am going to do it on a guest room I am about to start. This is sooo awesome, cheap and easy. My budget doesn't allow for crown molding but I can get the effect using your MAGNIFICENT idea. :))
    Thank you!!Come see me...I am following you. :)

  20. I really like the duct tape molding! I painted the walls and ceiling in our cabin two years ago, and since I hate cutting in, I planned on putting up an Adirondack themed border. I think I'll use the duct tape instead. Thank you for sharing this! I am your newest follower.

  21. I like the way you think! It looks looks better than it would have, had you done the traditional cut in! Gotta love duct tape! I have a party going on now...I'd love to have you share!

  22. Thanks so much for sharing this idea! A carpenter was going to charge us $1000 to put ceiling molding up in our master bathroom 'cause it had so many crazy corners/angles...yikes! I have been without trim in there for 4 years...I think I will try your trick. I saw your post over at "Rock N' Share" link party.

  23. Oh my GOSH, I love this! I would never have thought of it. I'm going to pin this and try it next time I paint. (I love your paint colors too!) Off to follow you on Linky now.

  24. LOVE this-really finished looking-I'm your newest linky follower-stop by for a visit!

  25. That looks amazing! Love the painted ceiling AND the ductrim. ;)



  26. What a quick and clever idea! Very nice!

  27. I am VERY impressed! It looks beautiful, and isn't it almost more fun to use unexpected materials?

  28. Oh my gosh! Lovely! You need to send this to the duct tape people -i think they will be impressed!

  29. Oh my gosh! Lovely! You need to send this to the duct tape people -i think they will be impressed!

  30. I am seriously in love with this....My husband will die when I tell him what I am about to do with some duct tape...but worth it! Thanks a ton for sharing!

  31. Wow!! I just saw you on Madigan's page and was curious what you did...and Wow!!! :)

    What an ingenious use of duct tape!! It looks fantastic and I love that it solved the problem (which is what duct tape seems to do so well!!) in such a beautiful way!! You are so creative!! :)

  32. Super Idea and found you on Madigan Made. I love ideas like this it just inspires you to try out of the ordinary ways.

    I have to share this with you about your 4 yr.old and the computer. My Grandson taught me how to turn it on and play games while still in diapers. Crawled up into a folding chair and proceded t0 show me. LOL he is now 18 and learning computer programing.

  33. I LOVE this so I bought a roll of duck tape to do the same thing and I can see the paint through the tape. Can you tell me where you got yours and the particular brand? I just grabbed the white roll they had at Walmart but maybe another place would have a better option?


  34. Thank you for the great idea! I used it in my sister-n-laws room. Hot pink walls and zebra print duct tape;) It looks really good.

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