Friday, December 9, 2011

Travel Themed Boy Room

Hello friend! Guess what?! I'm finally done with my boys' room! One little project this week was all it took. I don't know why I do that to myself--it's been almost done for over a month. Oh well. Come on in, I'll show you around!

No, that little guy doesn't live in here. He's still in his amazing nursery that I puffy-heart-LOVE!  

Under the loft bed (plans by Ana White, and more info about the build last March here and here) is a super-fun play space, but first let's go up on the ladder and take a peek.

Isn't this a fun and cozy space for a little guy? 

Ok, now let's check out the area under the loft bed. Notice the staged littles playing so nicely for half a second? Aw... No, really, in all seriousness, they love their room. I love it too--bright colors, awesome maps, fun beds, lots of toys and room to play! 

Yup, they're cute! 

The toy bin is from Target, as is the striped rug. The red bean bag is from Aldi (a discount grocery) and I wish I had gotten the blue one too. Oh well!

Here's another view without the littles. I put the US map right here at their level so I can start teaching them the states. My oldest knows where Iowa is, as well as Washington and California!

The boys painted the bird houses and I thought this was a fun way to display them.

If you look up from under the bed, you'll see how we cheat at making the beds! We don't use a top sheet, just their awesome jean quilts and an additional blanket for the winter. The quilts are a standard twin size, but instead of tucking some under the bottom and on both sides, we wrap the quilts lengthwise around the mattress. Hmmm. Clear as mud? Well, pretend the mattress is a hot dog and the quilt is the bun. Any clearer? In any case, that leaves the under side of the mattress covered by the quilt too, which is so much nicer to look at and SO much easier when making the bed.

So where does the other kiddo sleep? Across the room! We chose to have the underside of the loft bed be a play space while this bed resides against the opposite wall. 

Is it just me, or are the maps really stinking cool? It is just me? Oh. 

Little cutie #2 wanted to show you where he sleeps. He wouldn't hold still for a second, but that's ok.

Behind Cutie # 2 is the painted drop cloth turned faux roman shade that I made. I really need to glue on another blue stripe on each side, don't I? Yeah, I do. I'll get right on that. 

To go along with the travel theme, and because like all little boys, mine love all things that go, there are two airplanes suspended in front of the window.

On either side of the window is a small bookshelf for more treasures. Up high are the books my husband and I had when we were little, some pictures and a plant. 

Toys and stuffed animals go on the lower shelves. These shelves are a hand-me-down from my Dad for my first house, but I think they're originally from Pier 1.

Did you have a red tricycle when you were little? I remember getting one for Christmas when I was 4. I road it all over the house, just like my boys ride this one! (Thanks so much, Noelle!) Another of their favorite toys is the barn in the background (thanks, Aunt Sharon & Uncle Gale), and of course all of the John Deere tractors (thank you, Grandparents!). 

True story: When I picked this color I was going for a vibrant kelly green. {It's called 'deep rhubarb leaf' and it's by ColorPlace which is Walmart's paint. I'm very pleased with the quality and coverage.} I wasn't thrilled when I painted this room and felt like I was in a John Deere factory! The color calmed down once I added the maps to the wall, and I've come to feel it's quite appropriate given my boys' affinity for all things John Deere! We do live in John Deere country, after all!

Next up is the closet. I decided to leave the closet doors off. For one thing, it makes the room seem bigger. I also couldn't figure out where to put the dressers! I love them in the closet, but it would be better with a light inside. I also tried to keep everything except church clothes in the dressers. Anything too small, too big or out of season goes in the bins on top.

I painted these dressers before I blogged with no before pictures. The yellow one used to be brown and was looking beat up, so I broke out the spray paint. Did I mention it used to belong to my husband when he was a boy? It's true!

This shiny red dresser (which shows otherwise invisible fingerprints in photographs) was my husband's younger brothers when he was growing up. Super fun, right? 

In this hidden corner is a shelf for extra diapers and a few shoes (most live in the coat closet, as do their coats and jackets), the laundry bin and a diaper pail. I painted the shelf navy and plastered all of the wall under it with maps. Have I mentioned how much I love those maps?

From the closet you can look back  and see the play area and Cutie #1 and #3. 

By the door is a propeller with hooks for a few dress-up items. 

Don't forget to look up! We scored this light cover for free at Grandma's church's Service Center. It might not be the latest style, but I love how it goes so well with the colors and travel theme of this bedroom. 

So there you have it! One last look at the room from the doorway. Looks like Cuties #1 and #2 are trying to teach #3 how to crawl. It won't be long! (We might add #3 to the mix when he outgrows the crib. That will mean another bed build, a dresser re-do and some name letters and we're good!) 

Thanks for taking a long and overly detailed tour with me!

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  1. looks great! I LOVE the light fixture shade!!! It's perfect and I wouldn't have blamed you for splurging on it, but FREE. How wonderful!

  2. This came out really nice and it looks like your boys are really enjoying it! I love all of the little touches and the beds are fab!

  3. Ellie, I LOVE this! I Love, Love, Love the bright primary colors and the maps are so cool! How did you stick them to the wall?

  4. No - you are right - the maps are stinking cool!!

  5. Adorable! You did an amazing job getting everything in 1 room! I LOVE the beds, maps, dressers, and especially the light cover! Amazing! Thank you for sharing with all of us!
    PS Thanks for stopping by as well! Glad you liked my kitchen!

  6. Love the room! Looks just perfect for little boys :)

    Thanks so much for the nice comment about my living room!

  7. I love how you put the dressers in the closet and left the doors off. Makes me want to try that in my daughter's room...thanks for the inspiration!

  8. It turned out amazing! Love the maps! We took the doors off of our little one's closet, too. Best decision. Looks like such a fun room for your boys to play in and explore. Thanks for sharing.



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