Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Project #walk365 {September}

On Monday, my birthday, I walked my 365th mile this year!

But that was October and this is supposed to be about September!

I walked 46 miles in September, which I'm so proud of, but I didn't quite meet my monthly goal of walking 2 miles a day, 6 days a week. That's ok--I still did a great job. But there were days I didn't make walking a priority and days I just didn't feel up to it and let it slide. Because of that--feeling overwhelmed some days--as well as darker, colder mornings and the ever growing baby bump, I set my October goal as 1.5 miles 5 days a week.

Let's get on with the run-down of my September walks!

1. Today's walk was so very beautiful! The clouds are amazing and the mountains are back after being hidden by smoke for a couple weeks.
2. I walked in the rain this morning. It wasn't more than a sprinkle but my clothes were wet and I can't say I liked it. At least it wasn't hot. Or smokey.
3. It's so pretty in Idaho! Today was both hot and cold, depending on the wind.
4. There was rain last night and this morning the clouds were so beautiful! It was also cold! I had to go back inside for another layer and my gloves.

1. I walked with the whole family today on an old road into Bonners Ferry. It was a mile down and a mile back up and I didn't die! Only added a few minutes to my usual time. The view helped.
2. I walked with my two younger boys today, so we drove a little way to avoid crossing the highway. This pond is almost dry but there's a sign that says "water over road". We'll see how full it gets in the spring.
3. Gary is still out of town, so I walked with my boys again. They're great walkers/bikers!
4. Doesn't it look cold?

1-2. (From the same walk.) My walking buddies. Filtered sunshine.
3. Starting to see fall colors on my walks!
4. I'm soon going to have to change my walking time--it's getting darker! It was a cool 48* this morning.

1. Two more miles on this dark and chilly morning.
2. Another day, another walk.
3. Back out walking after taking the weekend off. It rained last night but thankfully quit about the time I started walking.
4. The sunrise today was so pretty! I also saw a couple dozen deer, 40+ turkeys and a dozen horses. Also, I walk faster when it's cold!

1. It was frosty this morning! It took nearly the whole first mile to warm up. 350 miles total-getting close to my goal!
2. Fall colors in Northern Idaho.
3. The whole family got to walk through Ross Creek Cedars in Montana this afternoon. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. The walk was very interactive and the boys loved it!
4. I love weekend walks with the family! This one was by a lake and a stream in the forest. So pretty!

1. This was moonset in the west while sunrise happened in the east. I was tired, the weather was cold and getting out the door was hard! So glad I did it anyway!
2. I'm glad I have my #walk365 project to keep me motivated.
3. I see dozens of deer on my early morning walks. They're very alert and afraid of me and usually put up their tails and run. However if you're in a car they just ignore you!
4. Total for September: 46 miles. Total for 2015: 359 miles!

So there you go! I'm thankful my husband is supportive of my walks. He has been making breakfast so I can go for a walk during the week, and on weekends we usually go out somewhere as a family. I'm proud of myself for sticking to this New Year's resolution!

You can follow me on Instagram (gibsongirl726) and read about my walks by searching #walk365 or #runwalkhike. Those hashtags aren't exclusively mine so you'll find lots of other motivated walkers too.

Have a good one!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Today is my 40th birthday.

I really think I skipped a decade somewhere. When I was a girl I thought people who were 40 were old! And they definitely had their act together.

Honestly I've been struggling the last few days. Not so much with becoming 40, but with celebrating a milestone birthday without my family. It's times like these that I miss my mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law and friends that have known me a long time. It can be tough living long-distance from your loved ones!

Of course I do have a lot to be thankful for. I thought I'd list 40 of them in honor of my big birthday.

1. My family.

2. Our health.

3. Our baby girl (due in 8 weeks!).

4. The phone calls I'll get throughout today.

5. The part of the country we live in.

6. Fall colors.

7. My #walk365 project.

8. Walking my 365th mile on my birthday!

9. A healthy pregnancy.

10. A free birthday drink at Starbucks!

10. My iPhone.

11. Facebook. I've never had so many birthday wishes!

12. Gelato.

12. Instant Messenger so I can chat constantly with my BFF.

13. This guy.

14. My husband's new job.

15. A steady income.

16. Coconut rice with lime and cilantro.

17. New hikes all the time.

18. Coldplay radio on Pandora.

19. Our couches.

20. New friends who gave us a crib.

21. Mashed cauliflower.

22. This band of brothers.

23. Internet.

24. "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

25. My thyroid meds.

26. Presents to open on my birthday. (Thanks mom!)

27. Photo editing.

28. My son's school.

29. The possibility of owning a home again.

30. Possibly maybe putting this kitchen in our new home.

31. Blogger fall home tours. So many pretty homes!

32. This online journal.

33. Pinterest

34. Getting to decorate for a girl!

35. Listening to the Bible on my walks.

36. This idea of Jesus by Mark Keathley.

37. And this one. Same artist.

38. Fall weather means my jean jacket gets worn a lot!

39. Maxi skirts still fit in the third trimester.

40. It's 10 more years until another milestone birthday!

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Kitchen {Moodboard}

So there's this house.

I love it. My husband loves it. It's perfect for our family and is even the right price.

But we're not ready to buy a house yet!

If we DID buy it though, it would need some work--part of why it's perfect for us. Just for fun, I created a moodboard of what I'd like to do in the kitchen. Because some day!

That kitchen in the center? Love it! I want to include so many things from that kitchen! It's a Fixer Upper kitchen, so of course it's dreamy. I like the gray lower cabinets with white uppers, the island shape and size, the stools, the range hood and the shape of the pendant lights. I might choose something less glam and shiny though.

The backsplash in the main picture is amazing, but it's not really me. I would prefer beadboard for the backsplash. Our upper cabinets would be plain white, not beadboard, so there's the balance.

There are two windows in the kitchen of the house we're not buying. I would add bamboo blinds. I love how the color warms up the gray. There are wood floors so that would warm it up too. I love the look and practicality of butcher block counter tops, but I'm not sure I'd want them with the wood floor. Suggestions?

I've wanted a farmhouse sink forever, and I like how it looks with the gray cabinets. We have a black fridge that is brand new and the house we're not buying has a black oven. I'd love to build, I mean, I'd love to have Gary build a hood over the stove like my inspiration picture!

The rustic shelves are just perfect. I'm not sure they'd end up in the kitchen, though they made it to the inspiration board! Gary has been wanting to build us a farm style table and I like the mix of the metal Tolix chairs and benches.

So now that it's all planned out, all we have to do is wait! For the right time to buy, for our baby girl to join the family, for winter to pass, and for the house to still be available. Right?

A girl can dream!

To give credit where credit is due, here are the sources for the pictures I used above:

Bamboo blind: Young House Love
Farmhouse sink: HGTV {Fixer Upper}
Table and chairs: Apartment Therapy
White and gray kitchen: HGTV {Fixer Upper}
Rustic shelves: Our Vintage Home Love
Butcher block counter: Newlywoodwords
Black oven: Navy Bean Lane

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nursery Print {Free Download}

A few weeks ago I shared my Baby Girl Nursery Moodboard with you. One of the pieces I would like to hang in the room is a verse from the Bible. I took a little time to print up just how I'd like the verse to look, complete with a few butterflies in the color scheme of the nursery.

I made this in PicMonkey and honestly, I haven't printed it yet. However it is a JPG file and should be high enough resolution to print in an 8 X 10. Won't it be darling in a white frame?

Since things are super easy to edit in PicMonkey, I made a few other versions. Feel free to save the images and print them for your little one, or for a gift.

Keep scrolling to see: Plain Pink, Blue with Stars, Plain Blue, and two Chalkboard versions! Enjoy!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Dawson Creek Campground

The last weekend in August found our family out camping! We went to Dawson Creek Campground that is only 12 miles from our house. Oh the perks of living in Northern Idaho!

We were right by the river in a very secluded site. There was rain in the forecast so there weren't many other campers. We slept without the tarp the first night (pictured) and could see the stars and hear the river. It was so peaceful!

Well, except for the warnings all over that we were in bear country!

Food at camp always tastes better. I prepped most of the meals at home and only had some re-heating and minimal cooking to do on our camp stove, so it wasn't too complicated.

The boys spent much of their time by the river. These pictures are from the first night and the weather was getting chilly! We had worship down there, sitting on the rocks.

The next morning after breakfast we took a hike. Northern Idaho has been very dry this summer, so the undergrowth was brown and the sky was hazy with smoke from nearby fires. (Because of the extreme fire danger, campfires were not allowed but we could use our camp stove.)

Again, being in bear country was a little nerve wracking! We tried to make lots of noise as we hiked and always kept the boys between the adults.

We got to this overlook that showed how high we'd climbed. Right after I took this picture I saw a bear on that little grassy spot down by the river! It was a brown bear (it's grizzly territory too) and was quite a way away, but now we KNEW there were bears!

We finished our hike and refreshed our feet by wading in the river. Well, except for Jonathan who tried to cross it and was wet to his waist. Talk about cold!

We seriously spent hours sitting by the river watching the kids. It was relaxing but I'm not used to that kind of downtime! Is that bad? We didn't have cell phone reception and didn't bring books to read. There was some rock stacking and lots of rock skipping and throwing!

By Saturday afternoon the rain came. We had put up the rain cover on the tent and managed to eat supper between showers, so it wasn't bad. There were light showers during the night and we opted to break camp and go home before breakfast on Sunday. It was wet and cold and dirty, but our memories of the weekend are happy, restful and peaceful. We'll be back!


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