Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Organizing Kid Crafts and Games

Until about a year ago, I kept all of our art supplies in a smallish bin in our kitchen. However, my boys are growing and so are their skills, interests, abilities and cache of art supplies. Plus there were puzzles, games and mom-supervised activities!

I used to have some of my scrapbooking things in the bottom section of our entertainment center. (Dude, are we the only ones who haven't bought a flat-screen tv? We only watch an hour or two ...  like, a month, so it's not exactly high on the priority list. Anyone else not do the tv thing?)

I recently moved those scrapbooking supplies to my craft closet which freed up some room in the entertainment center.

In the midst of, well, life, I hadn't taken the time to organize it!

What a mess!

After the kids and my husband went to bed, I tackled the chaos! I don't normally stay up later than my husband, but he doesn't feel well and hit the sack early. Poor guy! 

Before we see the results, let's remember that I used what I had and didn't spend any money. Also, the focus was to make the space I functional, not pretty. These doors stay closed!

Ok, enough already! 

*The top shelf is for me--empty frames, clipboards and blank canvasses. 
*The middle shelf has a bin of play-doh and cookie cutters, a crayola dry-erase board, and a big basket of special Sabbath books and toys.
*The bottom shelf has games and puzzles, a basket of coloring books and workbooks, and the old art bin that now has paint, paint shirts, glue, extra markers and crayons, flash cards, etc. The papers standing to the left are extra-large art papers.  

Once more--see what an hour can do?

Have you organized anything lately?


  1. Ellie you did a great job! Better now right?
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: now following you also via bloglovin'!

  2. what a great feeling to have an organized space!! Now just don't let the kids play in it for awhile so it stays like that!!!
    Wishing you a happy day!

  3. Looks so much better! I bet it's so much easier for the boys to find what they want now, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. you're awesome! I love you blog!!! you find such beautiful things and love your organizing!! I love to organize! :)

    so i guess i use the tv more than you... but i am with you on the no tv thing... I use it for "school" for the kids, and documentary type stuff... learning learning learning! :)

    You are so artistic! love it! Wish we could scrapbook together! ;)


  5. I'm a new follower as of today!! :)

    We still have an old tv...we do more tv than you, but I'd ditch it if I could make the choice!! :) It does come in handy for homeschooling so I'm fine...for now!! :)

    It's amazing what a little time and attention can do...I'm thinking it's time to tackle a little project like that. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Btw, what did you do with the shaving cream!!! ;)

  6. I could totally do without a tv, but not my boys. sigh.



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