Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quickie Organizing

 We all have stuff and stuff needs a place to go or it becomes a mess. For instance, my husband empties his pockets at the end of the day and things accumulate. He had a drawer of his dresser dedicated to this stuff.

But the drawer was overflowing and the stuff was disappearing into the abyss. Enter this hospital freebie made by Similac that we were given when son #3 was born.

I took 10 minutes to organize the stuff last week while putting laundry away. I followed these guidelines:
  • throw trash away
  • put away anything that has a home (for instance, shoe polish has a basket in the linen closet; watches go on a tray on top of the dresser, etc.)
  • group like with like
  • leave room for more

Every little bit makes a difference when STUFF seems to be taking over!


  1. I started with things like that, and then THEY began to accumulate. When laundry baskets start disappearing to hold STUFF, I know it's bad... ;-)



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