Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration Files: 15 Pretty Breakfast Nooks

Enter 'breakfast nook' in the search bar on Pinterest and you'll get a great collection of images. You'll get the small-table-and-chairs look, the fully-built-in-booth look and the free-standing-table-and-some-regular-chairs-by-a-built-in-bench look. Today I'd like to highlight a few beautifully done breakfast nooks of the last variety.

I love the neutral colors here, the big sturdy table and lots and lots of windows!

This one is also neutral. I love the pillows and the white pedestal table. This is also a very space-saving model where the homeowner used a corner very effectively. By using the built in bench instead of more chairs, not only is there more seating available but the table can be scooted closer to the corner. 

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Here's another corner bench with a round table. I love the colors in the pillows, the bulletin board and built-in book shelf. What a great homework (or blogging) spot!

Again with neutrals and blue! I love the traditional table and chairs and how the beadboard trim really defines the space. We can also see what looks to be an island in the same color as the pillows on the nook's bench, and stools that are the same style as the chairs at the table. This is also a great use of space--a full sized table and seating for 6-8 wouldn't be possible without the built-in bench.

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Oh how I love this kitchen! But this isn't about kitchens... This is a unique example of a built-in bench as part of the island instead of against a wall. I like the pillows here, and of course the neutral colors. (I do wonder if the person sitting across from the sink would get sprayed...)

Ok, here's one with bright, fun colors! I love blue and green together, and I really like the pretty green fabric used in the pillows and curtains. What a pretty place to start your day!

Oh, look! Back to neutral colors. What can I say, I like them! It would be really easy to add some color by switching out the rug or the pillows. 

Isn't it fun that the lamp shade and the art work match the pillows? This looks like a comfortable spot to read the paper, enjoy a hot drink and chat with your family over breakfast.

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

I could spend the day here, blogging, watching the kids play nearby, and getting inspiration from those pretty views out the window!

I really like how this table is centered on the window. I love the pillows too, and it looks like the bench is built from in-stock cabinets from your local Lowe's!

This must be the formula for a beautiful breakfast nook: pretty pillows, an area rug to define the space, a few chairs and a regular table, either round or rectangle. Here, I like the repetition of the colors in the artwork, dishes, pillows and rug. I also love the built-in display and cupboards, yet the bench isn't crowded in the least.

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Wow, what a view! This space looks more modern, thanks to the shiny pendant lamp shade, the metallic chairs and the fun yellow accessories. Again, there's a built-in bookshelf and storage under the bench!

See, I can do colors too... Sort of. The art work is fun, as is the fabric on the chairs. I would prefer to keep the bottom of the bench closed with storage--or at least use the space for folded lap blankets, extra pillows and baskets for the kids' coloring books or your favorite magazines.

What a lovely window! I want to just sit there in the corner with a cool breeze on a summer morning. Ah... Anyway, notice the bench? Not the built-in, the other one. I think that would make some smaller spaces more efficient and less cluttered looking. Beautiful!

Ok, one last built-in that would work in a fancier home or a more modern space. Everyone here would be deliciously comfortable, don't you think? I love the extra-tall back on the built-in bench, the blue in that fabric as well as the curtain and pillows. Built-ins can be fancy too!

Do you have a built-in breakfast nook? I'd love one! We're thinking of knocking down the wall between our eat-in kitchen and the living room, but if we didn't the area would benefit from a built-in. Anyone want to make a Lowe's run to pick up some pre-built cabinets and some beadboard and come build with me today?


  1. I've always thought built-in breakfast nooks were so cool... But we've never had one.

    I like the one with the view and the shiny pendant, and the one that's 2 pics above it... That bench looks like it could be an extra bed!

  2. Oh-They are all so pretty and it reminds me that I need to get a cushion made for my own dinette built in! Lovely- xo Diana

  3. I love all these built-in banquettes! I'd love to have one, if we had the room for one. Maybe, the next house.

    If you weren't all the way across the country, I'd love to come over and help build one. Then I could enjoy your banquette. Great images! Thanks for sharing.



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