Monday, March 14, 2011

Bunkbeds (Part 1)

On Sunday after a yummy breakfast, my husband hooked up the trailer and we loaded the boys in the car to go on a family outing. Town is an hour away, remember? We don't take these things lightly! 

So where did we go? To get bunkbed supplies!

We chose to go with this plan from Ana White.

I know, it's a loft bed, but my husband plans to make a second bed just like the top part of the bed and we'll put it under the loft perpendicularly. 

When we got home (by way of Japanese food and yummy ice cream!), my handyman went to work measuring...


 and cutting.

And that's where the project stands for now! I'll keep you posted. 


  1. SO cool! I love Ana White. I cannot wait to see how these turn husband has been wanting to build bunkbeds SO badly.

  2. I love Ana White's plans. She breaks things down in such a doable manner. Can't wait to see the bunks when they're finished.



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