Monday, March 28, 2011

Advice and an Award

Here's a question for you:

Would you paint this?

White, with glaze around the detail so it'll coordinate better with this

and this?

If so, how would you go about it? Sand? Prime? Spraypaint? Brush? Any advice?

Now that you've taken care of that question, I wanted to share that this project was featured over at Sugar and Spice in the Land of Balls 'n Sticks. Thank you, laxsupermom!

Sugar and Spice in the Land of Balls 'n Sticks also awarded me with this:

How fun! It is an award especially for blogs with less than 300 followers. Once awarded, you get to give it out to other blogs you love with less than 300 followers.

Three of my favorite reads that are fast approaching the 300-follower mark are On the Banks of Squaw Creek, Notes from the Heartland, and It's Good to be Queen.

Katie of On the Banks of Squaw Creek lives on a turkey farm with her husband, adorable son, and Baby Brudder due any day. Not only can you read about the farm, you get to see how they've been fixing up their farmhouse. Katie is creative and resourceful and funny!

Speaking of funny, Jen of Notes from the Heartland always cracks me up! Jen, a mom of two boys, is an amazing sign-painter and has single-handedly taken on the renovation of her kitchen. You'll never believe how good she can make her finds from Habitat for Humanity look!

Sara of It's Good to be Queen might be sharing the spotlight a bit more in the near future--she is a mom to three boys and just found out they're expecting a GIRL! I enjoy the variety of topics on Sara's blog and am looking forward to seeing how she personalizes the family's new home.

Thanks again, laxsupermom, for the award!


  1. sand, spray prime, spray paint, then use a bit of stain or wax to give it that aged look. You might also want to seal it with some kind of spray urethane, as babies tend to chew on their cribs when they are teething. This will protect the paint, as well as the baby. Good luck!

  2. I really love to reuse things but first I would look to make sure there is no recall on the crib. It makes me nervous with kid stuff. If all is ok I would sand and spray paint white.

  3. thanks so much for the award!! you are so sweet and i'm honored. :)

  4. Hi, stopping by and you asked the question that I JUST posed to my husband. While he says no to painting...he also said no to the barn door. So I say definitely paint it!
    Do you have a paint sprrayer or can you borrow one? Sand, spray prime and spray paint, but it would be nice if you could use a non toxic paint.
    Congrats on the award. So many new blogs to check out! I'm going to visit your awardees too!

  5. I'd sand, and use a milk paint or some other non-toxic paint, sprayed on if you have a sprayer. I'd finish it with a hand rubbed beeswax finish to ensure that it'll be safe for baby.

  6. We plan on painting ours a blue similar to what is on your boy's bunk bed feature picture (haven't clicked on it to see post)

  7. in a heartbeat! It would look great with the dresser and vanity! I'd probably use a good spray primer and spray paint. Maybe use a liquid deglosser first? I've never used one before, but I wouldn't sand it all. I'm too lazy.



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