Thursday, March 31, 2011


I don't sew. 

Not in a cool way like so many bloggers do. I'd love to be able to see something cute and go, hey, I could make that! I do admit that I learned how to run a straight stitch somewhere between my Mom, my paternal Grandma and my Home Ec. class in high school. 

I inherited my Grandma's sewing machine and table and all the stuff in it. This was over 10 years ago and I still haven't gone through the drawers, but every time I open them, I remember Grandma by the smell. Isn't that weird? I'll have to take a picture and show you the table my Grandpa made to Grandma's precise measurements. Everything Grandma did was precise.

Unlike me. 

I finally read the copied version of the 1960's Elna sewing machine manual and figured out how to thread the needle and bobbin. I've hemmed a couple things, sewed a hooded towel for J2 (using a towel someone else made for J1 as the pattern), and a pillow that I won't bother blogging about cuz it's not that great! 

But yesterday...

I conquered a ruffle!

It's not perfect--not even close. But it looks exactly like I wanted it to. Go me!

(And that's a sneak peek of the nursery closet!)


  1. It looks GREAT. Ruffles are pretty forgiving if you don't get a big tuck in them. Now you're practiced up if you end up with a daughter who might need more ruffly things!

  2. Love ruffles! You're too modest. Your ruffle looks great. I hope you're having a little girl so we can see a ruffle explosion.



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