Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just In Case

Just so we're all clear, we're not necessarily having a girl in May. But we're not necessarily having a boy either. After taking this test, my husband is convinced Baby 3 IS a girl and I like to dream, so I went ahead and bought a few things just in case today. 

And when I say 'bought' I mean 'selected' because my bill came to $0.21 for 4 sleepers and a dress. No, I didn't type that wrong!

How did that happen?

A couple weeks ago I found myself in Kohl's shopping for my husband. At checkout they handed me some Kohl's Cash. You know the deal, come back between certain dates and you have a certain amount coupon to use.

I agonized over the choices, honestly. I wandered around and around the baby section. It took me forever and about the time I thought my boys would have meltdowns, I finally grabbed a cute pink dress and a pink sleeper.

This is what my bill looked like. 

I spent nothing out of pocket and still had $3 on my coupon. The very nice salesperson said I could go back and get more sleepers and he'd ring them up for the same price as the one I'd already chosen. OK!

My bill the second time? $0.21. Awesome!

Now just in case we have a girl, I'm prepared. And if we don't? Well, they'll make great baby gifts. And I spent less than a quarter anyway!


  1. Great deals!!! I hope it is a last was a girl, after 3boys and she is so fun!!!

  2. I just love Kohl's cash! Talk about terrific deals! I'm hoping you have a girl, and I can live vicariously through your blog for the pink stuff.

    I just gave you the Liebster Blog Award. It's an award for blogs with less than 300 followers. Pop on over and grab it.

  3. WOW! I'm going to have to pay better attention to certain promotions.
    I am glad to have both boys and girls, so hope you get the chance to experience both, too. And it'll be so much fun to dress her up in those adorable choices!

  4. Omg you are my hero!
    Some of their sales are so crazy good.
    I hope its a girl!
    (We think we are having a girl this june)



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