Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Living Room Curtains

I finally prevailed and hung my new curtains! They've been waiting for me to hang the hardware for two weeks! I've organized closets and  cupboards, watched my husband build bunkbeds, and painted the boys' room while simultaneously caring for two boys, feeding 4 people three times a day, keeping the house clean, laundry done, manners minded, guests entertained, not to mention growing a human! What's two more weeks of naked windows?!

After (small window)

I love how the blue brightens up the room more than the red did. 

Before (small window)

And after having red window treatments for 8 years or so (the same ones at 3 different houses), it was time to move on!

After (picture window-right)

I ended up getting short rods so the curtains don't actually shut. Not that it's any of your business (wink-wink!!), but we live way out in the country, remember? Who needs curtains that shut?! Also, the window is 10 feet wide (or is it 12?) and the two panels on each end were never going to cover it! 

After (picture window - left)

See our sprouts? That means many many meals with fresh, organic, warm-from-the-garden heirloom tomato goodness in a few months! I can't wait!

This lovely picture window with the pretty new curtains faces south and I wasn't able to get a good shot of both sides. There's a couch in front of it and this is what it usually looks like:

Today these little guys were watching a pheasant. In the snow. Yes, it's March 29... in Iowa. Sigh. 

 Curtains: - 3 panels for $45
Hardware: Walmart - 3 short rods for $30
Total: $75

Read more about my new curtains here!

Now I need to find/make pillows. To go on a new couch. Which will sit on new flooring which means tearing down a wall, moving the woodstove and adding board & batten... 


  1. Pretty curtains, I like the blue. They are more calming than the red.

  2. Love the new drapes! Such a pretty, soothing blue!

    That's quite a list! I'm tired just reading it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree that the new ones are nicer than the red...In color and in style.
    We live where people can't see in our windows either, so I just don't bother with curtains at all!

  4. they look great! and i know what you mean about red...i had red all over my house for forever and now i'm ready to move on! And, yes, way to go for getting anything extra done- you're already accomplishing plenty!



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