Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Craft FAIL!

I always have a tad too much on my plate. I am completely unrealistic about how much I want to get done and I have a bad case of chronic procratinatitis. 

It's a condition! Don't mock!

December is chalk-full of extra little things to do, one being to make ornaments with my boys to send as gifts to grandparents and to hang on our tree. Yesterday, the activity on our Advent Calendar was to make these ornaments.

So we did. 

We broke out the clay that I had had the foresight to buy weeks ago.

We hauled out the vintage cookie cutters and heirloom rolling pin. 

By "heirloom" I mean that my Mom gave it to us because she had two. The "vintage" cookie cutters are the same ones my brother and I used when we were little. In the mid 70s and early 80s. Is that vintage? Does that mean I'm vintage? 

Don't answer that.

Sadly, all we have to show for our effort is a giant mess.

See, the clay stuck like crazy to the table, our hands, the rolling pin, the cookie cutters...

It was next to impossible to get the shapes we made off of the table. I tried using wax paper, I tried letting the clay dry out a little, I tried wetting it with a spray bottle...

The boys had fun, but none of their creations made it. These are my two best efforts--and it was a lot of effort to make them!

And a lot of effort to clean up!

I'm trying not to stress about not having a single gift made yet! How about you? Are you still creating gifts for your family? Making ornaments for your tree? Making messes with your kids?

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  1. haha! this sounds like so many idea fails of mine- glad i'm not the only one! Thanks for being real. and i know you posted this awhile ago, but yes, i'm a little stressed about not being ready for christmas, and yes, i'm still trying to make gifts. we still have 6 days, right?!! ;)



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