Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anatomy of an Organized Bathroom Vanity

This is our bathroom vanity.

It's the only vanity in our one bathroom in our house. Five people use it.

Ok, the baby only takes baths and the little boys don't spend a lot of time getting ready for the day. But it still has to be functional and maximize storage.

This is what works for us.

Of course there's a tall tower of toilet paper.

Then there are the cleaning supplies. Most are in a caddy to make them easy to grab. There is window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, a general spray cleaner for the toilet, sink and tub, as well as clean rags and old toothbrushes for stubborn spots. Outside the caddy is some cleaning wipes for touch-up jobs (I use them almost daily), paper towels for cleaning the mirror, and if you look carefully, you'll see the toilet brush in the back.

Last is a stack of boxes with more supplies. They're sterilite brand and cost about $1. I used them for everything in my classroom when I taught. Here they house extra toothpaste, shaving supplies (my husband uses a straight razor and has honing things there), girlie things, and extra make up.

Everything else goes in this closet which is right outside the bathroom door. You know, extra shampoo, travel size things, first aide, more toilet paper... You can read more about this closet makeover here.

So there you have it. Never thought I'd be posting pictures of toilet paper, toilet brushes and girlie supplies! 

How do you organize your bathroom things?


  1. Ellie- You do a great job of organizing. There are some blogs that are all about that and they have "parties". It would be neat if you linked up to one because you do a great job of organizing. xo Diana

  2. I feel for you...having only one bathroom. I'm sorry. You sure have packed a punch into that little vanity cabinet and linen closet though! And you can be jealous of my panty because we didn't have one until the end of January and now we don't have a coat closet or extra storage under the stairs. But I love my new pantry!!! It was well worth the trade off.
    Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!

  3. We have only one bathroom, too! I don't have a vanity under the sink so I keep a highboy dresser stocked with the essentials. An old armoir outside the bathroom door stands in for a linen closet. Gotta love old farmhouses! I've enjoyed your blog! Analisa



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