Monday, February 6, 2012

Inspiration Files: A Beautiful Home

I was inspired this weekend by an amazing home tour at Cote de Texas. Do yourself a favor and go see the whole tour--it's a Reader's Home Tour with lots and lots of pictures and so much inspiration! I mean, really look at this kitchen!

Yes, yes, so I have a fixation with kitchens. But have you ever gotten excited about a hallway?

So beautiful!

What I really want to dwell on though, is this living room.

 Here's another angle:

It's so calming and symmetrical and just plain pretty! Here are some things we can learn from this room and apply to our own homes.
  • Lots of comfy seats! This room has three couches! I like the layout too--it makes this area seem like a cozy destination!
  • Simple, calming color palette. In this particular house, every room has the same color of paint, flooring and window treatments! I just love the blue pillows on the couches and that big dark ottoman. 
  • Simple, cohesive window treatments. This look would be so easy to replicate with simple fabric and ring clips, curtain rods hung as high as possible and textured shades hung right under the rod. 
What do you like about this room? I want to go buy three matching couches and change out my curtains right now! Just kidding, Sweetie. Kind of. 

Here's another link to the reader's home tour at Cote de Texas. Enjoy!


  1. I haven't checked that blog out in a while. It is one I lost when my computer went down. I will head over there. What a wonderful kitchen. xo Diana

  2. What an amazing home and blog, thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh my!!!! That is a beautful home!! Thanks for sharing, I am going to head over and check out the whole thing!

  4. I loved this home too! The brightness and welcoming feel of this home is so wonderful!

  5. Love the rich floors and the ample seating. I SO want to put a prep sink in that huge and wondrous kitchen. ;-)



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