Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updated for Autumn {31 Days of Moodboards}

One of my favorite readers commented that she loved yesterday's beachy living room, but it made her feel chilly in the cold midwestern day she was having. Well, here you go; the same living room warmed up for autumn!

Here's yesterday's living room, just to refresh your memory.

I started with the same basics: wood flooring, board and batten walls with gray blue paint on the upper part. Simple white curtains, a white (leather) sectional, blue side chairs and matching "espresso" side/sofa tables. I took out all of the beachy things and switched the blue rug for a red one with blue in it--there are still blue walls here! I left the blue chairs alone too, and went to work adding fall decor and warmer pillows in blues, reds and gray.

Here it is once again so you don't have to scroll up.

Oh, one more thing. The pile of acorns is what you should add to the lamp when you take out the seashells. Looks like fall to me!

Have you decorated for fall yet? Do you completely change the look of your main rooms? Happy decorating!

I hope you're enjoying this series! If you want to see more, just search "moodboards" on the sidebar. Custom moodboards are available upon request.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beachy Blues {31 Days of Moodboards}

Here is a popular theme for a living room--beachy and blue. Start with hardwood floors, add board and batten to the walls and paint the top part gray-blue. Add breezy white curtains, a white sectional, blue print slipper chairs and a few side tables. Add a careful selection of beach finds and you have a beautiful yet cozy place to enjoy when you can't be at the beach!

I hope you're enjoying this series! Customized moodboards are available upon request.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Country Comfort {31 Days of Moodboards}

When you think of country style, do you think of ivy and florals and lace and clutter? Me too! Current country style though, is more about mixing and matching colors and patterns, weathered finishes and lots of texture. I know I would be perfectly comfortable in this country bedroom with a reclaimed wood bed, layers of mix-and-match bedding, antique furniture and a barn door--perhaps to the master bath? It would be amazing to have a painted hardwood floor and some board and batten in the space as well.

What about you, do you like the new country?

I hope you're enjoying this series! Personalized moodboards are available up on request.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Industrial Chic {31 Days of Moodboards}

I went to Cost Plus World Market this week, and well, this happened. I used to be a frequent shopper, especially for gifts. Then I moved to Iowa and I missed it! I don't know if there are no stores in Iowa, or just in the corner we were in. Maybe that was a good thing, cuz I wanted to buy the store!

Since we're living in temporary housing and the majority of our things are in storage, there was no way I could buy anything right now, but I sure can dream! I assembled a group of my favorite things, concentrating on grays and blues with quite a bit of metal thrown in. And metal. And yum. Let's just say this style is ME.

Is it you? What makes you swoon? Anybody want to make that US map on reclaimed wood for me?

I hope you're enjoying this series! I can't believe it's almost over! Custom moodboards are available free of charge through the end of the month. Have a great day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

First Apartment {31 Days of Moodboards}

Let's pretend that you're just graduating from college and about to start your first job. You find an apartment near your work place and now you need to fill it. And you want it to look nice. You don't have much money, but you do have a week before the job starts and you don't mind painting some furniture for the look you want.

Oh, and you have your Dad's truck for the weekend.

So you peruse 

via craigslist-sacramento
 First you spy a set of black bookshelves from World Market for $300.

via craigslist-sacramento

Then you see a wood-and-metal coffee table for $50. 

via craigslist-sacramento

You're not sure you can believe this--a quality leather couch for $50? What's wrong with it? It's worth checking it out, since you'll be driving around anyway.

via craigslist-sacramento

This oak dresser, also for $50, will make a perfect place for the TV and add storage as well!

via craigslist-sacramento

This score--an Anthropologie area rug, cream and lime--determines your color scheme, and only costs $100!

via craigslist-sacramento

You'll have to make several trips with the truck, but a round table with a leaf and four chairs for $99 seems worth it. And you can paint it!

via craigslist-sacramento
Finding a queen-sized cherry bed frame really makes you feel like a grown-up. For $150, it will still be a good deal once you purchase a mattress set. For now, you'll leave it as-is, but it would look so pretty in white with some glazing to bring out the details!

via craigslist-sacramento

Your bedroom also needs a dresser and a pair of nightstands. You like that they're solid oak and you might not get around to painting them for a few weeks, but what a sweet deal for $150!

You can see it now, your pretty, grown-up apartment, craigslist style!

Sure, there are still some major projects and quite a few other purchases to make, but in just one weekend you've scored all of the major furnishings for your apartment for $649!!! That means you can totally afford throw pillows, paint for the dressers, table and chairs, mattresses and bedding, a few baskets for storage, and some inexpensive curtain panels (IKEA vivan, $10/each shown). You might even take the time to paint a stripe on the bottom of the curtains, and you're definitely going to find a cool picture you took recently and have it blown up at an office supply store. And that sunburst mirror? Can you say rainy weekend project?

Hello, grown-up world! Are you ready for me?

I hope you're enjoying this series! Moodboards are available upon request.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homeschool Classroom {31 Days of Moodboards}

It won't be long before teaching my little guys will be a full time job. I'd love a space for us to really dig in and get to work, yet it has to be comfortable, functional and pretty. Not to mention store all of the stuff that comes with the territory.

I started with a lose color theme--blue and green for rugs, curtains, pillows and storage accessories; black for furniture. I created three different zones: a storage and computer zone with the desk, hutch and bookcase, a reading zone with the couch, pillows and rug, and a work zone for projects on the table in the middle of the room.

Probably the most fun I had was finding cool stuff to hang on the walls! Maps, a chalkboard, vintage French ABC cards with fun animal drawings, a collection of assorted letters for an alphabet wall, and clothesline and clothespins for hanging art and other projects.

This makes me look forward to setting up a classroom! I would also want to find storage for my crafts so I can work on them at the same time. Or maybe not! Maybe I want a separate room for myself... In my mansion. Riiiiight......

What about you? Do you homeschool? Do you have a homework/project zone for your kids even if you don't homeschool?

Hope you're enjoying this series! Custom moodboards are available upon request.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gender-Neutral Nursery {31 Days of Moodboards}

I had so much fun putting this nursery together. Nurseries are some of my favorite spaces to design because they are so filled with hopes, dreams and promises. They are also hard-working storehouses for all the little things babies need, must function as a place to play, eat, sleep, change clothes and diapers, all while calming and stimulating a growing human. Not to mention provide Baby with a safe place to sleep and Mommy or Daddy a comfortable place to rest during feedings.

I chose more modern furniture than I usually do--gotta break out of my comfort zone sometimes! The night stand and dresser are items that can grow with the baby, as is the convertible crib. The chair and ottoman are something that can stay in a child's room after midnight feedings are over, or look sleek in the living room. It's also easily wipe-able (leather). I chose an aspen forest stencil for a focal wall, which reminds me of the black and white lines they say help baby eyes learn to focus. I chose neutral bedding from DwellStudio called "Woodland Tumble". I like the soft, earthy colors and the whimsical animal theme without getting too thematic!

I chose to pull the sagey/limey green out of the bedding for the curtains and rug, and a brighter green for the silhouette collage (etsy). There are floating shelves for favorite reads or portraits, natural toys such as stuffed animals and wooden blocks, and a cluster of terrariums as a mobile above the changing-table-dresser. It's a place where anyone, girl or boy, would love to be!

I hope you're enjoying this series! Moodboards are available up on request.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Building a Better Basement {31 Days of Moodboards}

I grew up in California where basements are not a common feature of the average home. Nor are they the norm in Nevada where I lived for seven years. Then there was Iowa, and basements are a necessity due to storms. When you're not cowering in fear, like me, your basement could be a huge bonus space, not at all the scary spider-filled storage space that you think of!

Here's a list of all the needed elements in a basement family room. Or regular family room or living room or whatever is appropriate to the state you live in.

  • A soothing paint color. This is 'Bedford Gray'.
  • A sectional. The bigger the better. This one happens to be pretty too, and a great color that will be forgiving for years to come.
  • An entertainment system. I prefer the kind with shelves for books, picture frames and other pretties. And I love the dark color that helps the TV blend in.
  • A pretty area rug. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, an area rug adds definition and warmth to your space.
  • An ottoman. I like this huge square one because it will work for a place for snacks as well as feet! 
  • An arm chair. Added seating! Not everyone wants to cuddle on the sectional.
  • A fireplace! This one is gas and doesn't even need to be vented! Love the ambiance, and they really do make your space warmer.
  • A trunk. I assigned this one the job of holding board games. Sometimes it's good to turn off the TV!
  • A gallery wall. This will add lots of interest to a wall or stairwell, and it's a great way to get your favorite pictures in plain sight, not on a hard drive somewhere.
  • Blankets and baskets. I love a cuddly blanket, but I also love somewhere to stash them when they're not in use. 
  • Pillows! As if we're surprised... I included an assortment of blue and gray ones here. Love that combo!
  • Curtains. Even a small, typical basement window will look so much better if you treat it with real curtains! You can hang them high and wide to make the window seem bigger. They can also help to keep a room warm on chilly winter nights.
  • End tables. I'd be a little worried to put a mug of hot chocolate on that bumpy ottoman! And it's a great way to add...
  • Lamps. I like to have a light close to me when I'm reading, and they add such a pretty glow in the evening! 
So there you have it! I want to know, do you have a basement? What do you use it for?

I hope you're enjoying this series! Personalized moodboards are available upon request.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Wanna-be Front Entrance {31 Days of Moodboards}

When you come to visit me, I'm not sure what state I'll be living in, but let's imagine a dark gray two-story house with white windows and trim and a gray-blue door. There's a stone path leading up to the front door, a dark gray rug with floral details outside and a gray striped rug inside. The walls have a tall board-and-batten treatment and the top part of the walls are painted a soft gray. There's a chandelier reminiscent of a globe that lights the entry, and the floors are rustic hardwood. There's a soft bench where you can leave your bag or sit to remove your shoes--if you want! There's a large basket by the bench that has soft, cozy socks you can wear while you visit. Family members keep their shoes, gloves and hats in the vintage lockers-turned-dresser, while coats go in a closet. You compliment me on the adorable ladder painted aqua and adorned with scarves. You see a message board on the wall with hooks and slots for mail under the chalkboard.

Won't you come in and relax awhile in my living room?

Thanks for your visit! Please come again soon! Moodboards are available upon request.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Wanna-be Kitchen/Dining Area {31 Days of Moodboards}

When you see something you love, pay attention! What is it about it that makes you swoon? This kitchen does it for me. I love the style and the color is a great update from a white kitchen. Nothing wrong with white, but some of us seem to be allergic. Either that or incapable of keeping it clean!

This moodboard of course starts with that great kitchen. I would start with stock cabs from Lowe's and paint or stain it that gray-green color. You can find great deals on cabinet hardware online, or if you're the touchy-feely type, you can find them at Lowe's as well. (That sounded bad.) For countertops, you could go the granite route, decide on another stone-like material or you can go with laminate. While it doesn't feel the same, current laminate designs look just like granite for a fraction of the price. I seem to have skipped right over the sink and lighting in my moodboard, as well as the appliances, but we can see from the inspiration picture (from that there's a white farmhouse sink, stainless appliances, and pendants you could replicate in a couple minutes online or at your favorite hardware store. The stools are from Barn Light Electric and cost more than that sink would, if you got it at IKEA. So I'd shop around and find something similar!

Moving on to the dining area... The floorplan in my head doesn't include a formal dining room. Maybe because I've never lived in a house that had one. Ha! Anyway, I wanted a totally open concept from the front entrance (coming tomorrow) through the kitchen into the living room (yesterday). SO. The dining area is defined by a gray zig-zag rug (or "chevron") where there's a farm style table. I'm counting on my amazing husband to make me one of these soon! And a bench or two. I love the metal chairs against the wood--these are knock-of tolix, found at Cost Plus. There's a super fun, super expensive chandelier above the table that is just a place-holder for something similar for WAY less.... (This guy is almost $1000!) Also in the dining area is a sideboard or buffet or dresser, whatever you want to call it! I would find a cheap dresser and refinish it to get that look on the cheap.

I included a few elements that are the same as the living room--it's an open space, so either you'll see the exact ones in the living room, or the look will be the same in the dining area! Whatever the case, this imaginary home has rustic wood floors, tall board-and-batten, light gray paint and soft white, grommet-topped curtains. Lovely!

I hope you loved it too, and that you're enjoying this series! Moodboards are available upon request.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Wanna-be Living Room {31 Days of Moodboards}

Welcome home! I wish this was my home! I love the colors and textures and style and just everything.

Let's start from the bones of an empty room. I'd like hardwood floors, some board and batten and a fireplace focal wall. The one shown has rustic wood paneling--gorgeous! I pictured white grommet-top curtains (I have blue ones in storage which would work just fine) and a lovely patterned rug from Pier 1 full of gray blues, sage green, some tan and a color that's either deep red or brown--so I went with the red!

For furniture I included two wingbacks (I have them, just need to recover them--love it done in grainsack) and a leather sectional. With subway word art and a collage wall, we've got all of my favorite things!

I know I always include a million pillows in these moodboards. I didn't know I loved pillows that much! My kids (and husband) always take them off of chairs and couches, so I don't keep more than two or three around in real life. It's just such a great way to pull different colors and textures out of the rug! Here I included several different groups depending on your style, mood, the season, etc.

Will you come over and hang out with me in my pretty living room? Yay!

I hope you're enjoying this series as much as I am! It's giving me a great outlet for design when I'm stuck in dorm living and don't know where our next house will be. Let me know if I can do anything to help you create a beautiful space in your home!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Dream House Look {31 Days of Moodboards}

I had something different to share today. Something I loved and worked hard on. I saved it in Polyvore but didn't make a back-up copy. And because I loved it, I used many of the same things for this board and when I went to save it again to Polyvore, my other one was gone-zo! Sigh...

I do love the look here--I mean, it's totally me me me! I'm planning to break it down into three sections and share them each with you in the next three days. What I'm pulling from this--a collection of many of my favorite looks--is when we get our next place, I want to use more gray-blue and green-gray and start looking for more "industrial" pieces, like the faux tolix chairs at the table and the lockers in the entry. There are several other things I included here that could totally be done by hand or found second-hand, but I'll save that too.

Do you like this look? It's the perfect mix of traditional-modern-industrial-farmhouse for me! 

I hope you're enjoying this series! Contact me if there's any way I can help you design a space you'll love!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drama-Free Dorm {31 Days of Moodboards}

Miss E and Miss C are college freshmen who want a dorm room that is pretty and fun but lets them each express their own personalities. Here we can see how, with a signature color and a few accessories, their dorm room can be just like they are: playful and energetic with a real sense of style. 

Can you believe it's Day 17 already? Be sure to contact me if you have a design dilemma or lack vision in a certain room. Moodboards are free through the end of October!


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