Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Purple Paradise {31 Days of Moodboards}

Can I just say how much I love this moodboard? And here's the thing: I hate purple!!! Ever since an over-zealous purple phase in second grade, I've been OVER IT.

But these moodboards just grow on their own, you know? I'll start in (I use Polyvore, by they way, but be warned that it's a huge time suck) with a vague idea of a tween girl room and THIS happens! The bed was kinda princessy, then I thought of the cornice thing with the purple drapes behind the bed, and a Purple Princess Paradise was born!

This little princess--who am I kidding, many an older princess would be perfectly happy in a space like this--has a matching set of furniture except for the bed. I think matching sets aren't all that over-rated in small spaces. It helps everything come together better, especially in a neutral color like this gray-washed white. (By the way, this is the "Cora" line from Neiman Marcus and the dresser alone costs over $2000. I don't think anyone should ever spend that kind of money on a set of furniture, but one could easily paint an old thrift store-yard sale-handmedown set like this.)

I chose a pinch-pleat comforter set from Target for the bedding with a few throw pillows and a knit blanket for cozy evenings. A purple rug brings the color to the floor and a purple ottoman gives our princess a place to remove her glass slippers at night.

The butterflies just kinda flew in on their own, but I love the little touch of whimsy and color they bring. It would be fun to scatter a few around, and the shape is echoed in the IKEA ceiling light. With such a dramatic focal point as the bed, I kept the window treatment simple. 

Thanks for visiting today! Do you have a little princess who loves purple? And butterflies? We're half-way through this series already! Let me know if there's anyway I can help you design a beautiful space in your home!


  1. Oh Ellie, I love this mood board because it reminds me of my bestie. I know she would love this!

    How I wish you could design a room for me but right now we're hoping from military base to military base and I don't have the liberty of decorating how I want. :( Someday . . .



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