Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pastor Gary's Office {31 Days of Moodboards}

My husband wants to be a pastor and when he is, he'll need an office in which to study, prepare sermons and meet with church members. He's told me a thing or two about what he wants in his office over the years, so I put those ideas into pictures and mixed them with other things I know my husband likes.

For a fun twist, I gave myself the challenge of selecting the big-ticket items that are available from IKEA. So for just over $1000 I furnished this virtual office! The bookcase (expedit), desk (hemnes), desk chair (malkolm), red storage drawers (brimna), red chairs (tullsta), black round table (vejmon) and red curtains (ritva) all came from our favorite Swedish superstore.

I put the area rug or wall-to-wall carpeting is together with Flor tiles, something Gary mentioned specifically wanting. The example are from for $15 each.

I threw the globe in there because I love them (this one is of the night sky) and it matched. Gary loves orchids, so a red silk number got put in the virtual space. In his real office, Gary would like a real one. He also would like a water feature for the nice ambiance of trickling water. And what pastor's office doesn't have a picture of Jesus?

What do you think? I really like how everything came together. I wasn't sure of the color scheme, but I like it now. You'd have to keep the walls light and neutral to pull off such dark colors in the furniture, but it could be done! 

I hope you're enjoying this series! You can contact me for a moodboard of your own space!

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