Monday, August 1, 2011

Nursery Reveal: Window Wall

Things seem to evolve when I put a room together. 

When I imagined how the baby's room would look, I pictured drop cloth curtains.
I even bought the drop cloths and washed them!

But the board and batten was so pretty and white ... 
And I already had these silk ones...
And they were the perfect shade of blue!
Quite coincidently, cuz I mixed paints I had to make the nursery's blue. 

I had my husband rig up this contraption a couple years ago when I first painted the nursery a warm brown. I hung sheers from the curtain rod, then used tacks to hang fabric from the plywood to make a sort of valance. (Sorry no before photos in this post--I'll do a before & after when the nursery is done. Only two more projects!)

I wanted to keep the look of the valance, but the brown no longer matched. 
Enter barn boards!

I tried to use scraps to hold the two boards together, but it didn't work. Oops!
I ended up using 2x4 scraps in three places and screwing them in as screws hold better than nails. My husband hung the boards (very securely, don't worry!) with a little modification to the frame that was already on the wall. 

I love how the pretty, shiny silk looks next to the crusty, grungy boards!

I'm loving how this room is coming together!

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  1. That looks amazing!! I love how the room came together. You have created such a wonderful room for the little guy!! :)

  2. Amazing! I'm in love! I have a wooden pallet sitting in my garage waiting to be turned into something...and this just might be it!

    Jen @ SocialHome

  3. Love this window treatment!!! The nursery is coming along beautifully :D

  4. Just found this on pinterest and I LOVE them! I'm a sucker for anything barnwood! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I love the rustic look and that you re-purposed! (new follower here ♥)

  6. New follower of yours. Just found you on Ucreate... this is awesome!!!

  7. This is soooooo creative & it looks awesome! Nice job :) Just followed ya!

  8. Love this! It gave me inspiration to hang some old pallets for a valance. I wanted some help in how to actually hang them...any tips would be great! Or maybe you could send your husband to my house to hang them! JK. Thanks

  9. I'm sure the little guy is happy in this room. It looks like a room prefect for a little kid.

  10. I just found you on Pinterest. I love this idea. I will follow you... kindly do the same if you have a minute.

    Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

  11. Hey I love this idea, I'm just not sure how your husband got the wood on the wall?



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