Friday, August 19, 2011


Look what my husband brought home today!

Four boxes of peaches!

We gave the peaches a hot bath.

Then a cold one.

We washed the cans, boiled the lids and took pictures of the rings. 

After removing the skin, we sliced the peaches and put them into jars.

And admired their beauty!

And dreamed about how good they'd taste for breakfast after a blizzard this winter...

Then we (meaning my husband, cuz I was feeding the baby and taking pictures and getting the bread out of the oven and burning another batch of granola and washing dishes...) poured a mix of water, ascorbic acid and a little bit of sugar over the peaches.

After carefully wiping the outside of the jars and putting on lids and rings,
the jars got a boiling hot bath for 25 minutes.

Then we stepped back and admired our handiwork!

Start to finish: 2.5 hours!

Think about this: Quarts of peaches are sold for what, $4? Our box was around $14 and we got 9 quart jars from it. That makes each of our jars cost $1.55. 



  1. yumm over frence toast in the winter what a treat.

  2. Those look like some yummy peaches and what a savings! Thanks again for stopping by SAS Interiors - love to meet other bloggers.


  3. I'm coming over. This weekend I got cornbread with a sliced mango at the bottom of muffin - like pineapple upsidedown cake. I think that the peaches would be great like that with maybe a little cinnamon and brown sugar......

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  5. That is so great; you make it sound so easy that I want to start canning as well. Is there any way you can post a recipe and/or a bit more detailed directions? I would really appreciate it.



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