Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inspiration Files: Kitchen Edition

I love kitchens.

There, I said it. 
I didn't until we moved to this house and my kitchen was AWFUL. Not the layout or the size, just everything else. We've deep cleaned and made do, and three years later we're still using it. 

But someday. Someday we'll be doing a full demo and starting from scratch!

In the meanwhile, I like to dream. I have files and files of inspiration pictures, so I thought I'd post one or two here and there and share what it is that I like about a particular kitchen. Or bathroom or kid space or basement or whatever is inspiring me.

Disclaimer: I'm just me, a teacher-turned-stay-at-home-Mom. I'm not a designer or a professional, just wanting to share what I like and why I like it. 


What I love:

*Classic color scheme: white cabinets, black (granite?) counters, hardwood floor--Yum! This kitchen will never go out of style.
*Layout. Not only is it similar to our L-shaped kitchen, it just looks so convenient! You know, the whole working triangle thing.
*Drawers. I'm all for nice, deep drawers that make it easier to see what's stashed inside.
*Wide plank flooring. Drool! Not in my budget, but I can get the same warmth and texture from regular hardwoods as well.
*Work stations. Either side of the sink as well as the island would be great places for making cookies, baking bread or just preparing veggies for a soup.
*Overall simplicity. I assume what's inside the doors and drawers is well organized because of the clean and simple look of the kitchen.
*Details. It might be simple, but look at the molding--crown, cabinet, trim.
*Feeling. I feel like I could live in this kitchen! It's very "me".

What I'd Change:

*Color. I would add some color with accessories--coordinated towels, color on the walls, even colorful stools.
*Texture. I'd love to slap up a window treatment. Bamboo shades, faux roman blinds, a valance in a beautiful print. Hey, it would amp up the color factor too!
*Backsplash. Subway tile or beadboard in white would look great. Maybe a glass tile with a hint of color (again!). Wouldn't a gray-blue look so pretty and tranquil next to the black and white?
*Drawer pulls. I like the ORB handles, but if I were living there, I'd want cup pulls. 
*Open shelving. The upper cabinet to the right of the sink could stand to have its doors removed and pretty dishes stacked neatly inside. Maybe a basket or two. Or use glass inserts if you don't want to lose the doors.
*Nix the micro. I know that idea isn't for everyone, but since we decided not to use a microwave about a year ago, I haven't missed it much. I'd rather use the space for a DIY hood. It would add some interest to the space. (See, if this were my kitchen, I'd move the fridge and tall cabinets to the non-pictured wall on the left, so the stove area could use more interest.)

That was fun! See you next time the inspiration hits!


  1. Re: This kitchen will never go out of style.

    Don't we all want to believe that!!! :) But we know our parents and our parents' parents said the same thing about avocado and formica. :)

    I already can't wait for every kitchen to stop having "Stainless and granite".

  2. First, thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love that you picked this kitchen-- it's essentially a bigger version of my kitchen! Good taste! ;) Everything in your "love" category is what ours has... except our kitchen ends at the dishwasher (with cabinets above). That big island is turned to go parallel with the stove. We have cup drawer pulls, but we don't have the wide planked floors because those cost something like $5K more than regular hardwood. Definitely a dream for the future, though!
    As for losing the microwave, you're brave. I don't think I could manage without it.



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