Monday, October 21, 2013

Simple Name Sign {DIY Art}

One of my favorite things to give new parents is a sign with their baby's name and birthdate. I made this one a few months ago and thought I'd share it again today in case you want to make your own.

I had a piece of wood--I look for things like this and save them. You'd be surprised where they pop up. If you don't have any, lumber is not expensive at Lowe's or similar stores. They'll even cut it to the size you want. This name sign is approximately 14" x 8". After sanding the wood by hand, I painted it pink. You could use a power sander and spend a fraction of the time, but the point here is to show you how anyone can do it!

As far as the paint goes, you can either use spray paint or acrylics for the most variety in colors. Again, Lowe's has a great selection of paints, but even Walmart has spray paint and lots of colors to choose from if you rather have acrylics from the crafts section. Of course you can use any leftover house paint you may have too!

I originally used a Sharpie to write the name on this sign. I wasn't thrilled with the saturation, so I bought a paint pen (from Walmart, also available at craft stores) and went over it again.

I then doodled butterflies and little dotted flight paths. You can make whatever designs you want, or use stickers. If you don't want to free-hand, you can use a stencil or glue on some wooden letters or small designs. Your imagination is the limit!

Of course if you don't want to make a sign yourself, you could commission someone else to make one for you! Signs like this are available in my Etsy store, Beauty4AshesEtsy.

Today is Day 21! This month is flying by!

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