Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Framed Drawing {DIY Art}

Today I want to share with you a different art medium: the colored pencil.

You first saw this room in July when I took you on a little tour of our younger boys' room in Ohio. The art dates back a few more years and I'm sure it's in other pictures of our boy's rooms as they've evolved. But at one point I didn't have this piece of art. In fact I had nothing where I needed something so I created it.

And you can too!

I knew I wanted a picture of an airplane and I knew I wanted to use certain colors to go with the rest of the room. I had shiny red paint, so I painted an old frame shiny red. Next, I googled images of biplanes. I found something similar to the above drawing and used it as an example for mine. It's wonky, the lines aren't straight, I did virtually know shadowing, but it looks like a biplane!

I still needed a mat for my frame, so I used diluted craft paint on the back of wrapping paper--use what you've got! I like how it didn't dry even; it kindof looks like clouds in the sky.

In a matter of one evening, I had exactly the look, colors and size of art that I needed for the original room, and this piece has been a star player in every room since then! Now I'm not exactly sold on the idea of doing more drawings and framing them around the house, but I like this one! If you don't want to frame your own sketches, you can always frame a masterpiece that one of your kids drew or colored or painted.

The sky is the limit! Biplane not included.

It's day 23! Hope you're inspired!

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