Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two Little Somethings {DIY Art}

Tonight I have two little ideas for you. They happen to live in our bathroom, but they would work in other places in your home. If you took our little bathroom tour earlier today, you already got a peak at them.

So let's start with the sign.

Awesome chippy piece of fencing + black paint pen + blue acrylic paint + paintbrush = beYOUtiful sign. It didn't end up being centered, but that's ok. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beYOUtiful, right?

Next up is the clock.

This was your average brown wooden clock. It wasn't expensive and in all our moving, the three had popped off. I glued him back on but there's a little residue you can see--somehow I'm feeling the need to justify why I painted a clock! So yeah, the wood tone just wasn't making my bathroom seem happy, so I painted it white, took some sandpaper to the edges and tacked a ribbon on the back. Now the clock hangs from a hook and that makes me and my bathroom happy!

So there you have it, two small, simple, easy things you can do to pretty up your place!

And because I felt like having some fun with PicMonkey, here's a collage of the last 10 days. If you've missed anything, just look at the sidebar with the posts from October.

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