Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Easy Monogram {DIY Art}

Welcome to my 3rd Annual 31-Day Series! This is the first day of this year's series, called DIY Art for Your Home! Did I mention it's easy and affordable art too?

In our living room tour I posted earlier this week, you were able to see several different art pieces I've created for our home. One of my favorites is a monogram painted on a piece of barn board. 

This rustic piece of wood was found in our barn, but if you don't have access to weathered wood, you could use new wood and weather it yourself using steel wool and vinegar, or staining the wood after you beat it up with a hammer and other things. 

Using leftover, watered-down white trim paint, I free-handed a rough G, the initial for our last name. I look at it now and cringe that it's not perfectly centered or shaped quite right at the bottom, but imperfection is the name of the game here!

Now this weathered, rustic monogram sign is a great memento in our home. What can you find in your garage or backyard, down an alley or in someone's trash that you can add a monogram to and call art?

I'm participating in the popular 31-Days series!


  1. Oooh, I like it! The imperfections are what gives it it's charm.
    Rebekah Somewhere in the Middle

    1. Thanks Rebekah! Glad you like it. Thanks for taking the time to comment!



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