Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Bathroom {Tour}

It feels kinda weird sharing pictures of my bathroom with the world. But it's a cute little space even if it's not fancy and even if it needs painted--walls, ceiling, vanity, everything! It is what it is, and I've been able to make it cute without spending any money, and I hope you can get a few ideas for your home.

I like to pick a color for a space and go for it. And while matchy-matchy can be overdone, sometimes it can really simplify and unite a small space.

For instance, when we needed a shower curtain for our house in Ohio, we found this pretty paisley one at Walmart. We got coordinating bath and hand towels as well as the rug. It makes the bathroom look less crowded and more put-together.

Every bathroom needs a clock. This is a cheap one we've had for years, but the wood tone was bugging me. I painted the clock white and hung it from a blue ribbon. Much better!

I also made this sign to fit in a blank space. It didn't end up being centered right, but that's ok. 

To add more blue to the space, I used these little kebobs--how come I can never remember what they're called! I also have a couple jars of pretty glass the boys and I collected in our garden in Iowa (there's another one on the back of the toilet). Not shown, we use a new blue Ball jar for toothbrushes too.

I used one of my large frames and hung a wreath on it to fill a large blank space. I like that it adds texture yet the contrast with the wall isn't huge so it feels really neutral.

So there you go! Have you shared your bathroom with the world at large lately?


  1. I like the color. Is that your only bathroom?

    1. It's a nice grey blue that is almost green. No, we have another in the basement that is functional but not at all pretty. It probably won't make the blog, but it's nice to have more than one!

  2. I think those glass things on your vanity is called insulators?



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