Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gallery Wall IV {DIY Art}

Grouping like photos to make a giant display is art. For sure. It's bringing together many different though similar items and making a big statement out of them.

This particular gallery wall was in a stairwell and included a window and a corner. I collected black frames for awhile--many weren't originally black, but a can of glossy black spraypaint took care of that! I framed as many pictures of my boys as I could before starting my gallery wall. I included a few frames with blue mats, a couple pictures that were black and white, and one or two snapshots, but mostly posed pictures taken in a studio.

And then I started making holes in the wall.

I started in the corner and then the window. I filled in the space between and worked out. I was more careful than with yesterday's more organic approach, but tried not to line up too many edges so it could still "grow".

I also hung empty frames. There are pictures I need to print! Sadly we moved before I had time to print them, but I did do some and that's progress!

Here's a tip about hanging frames in a stairwell: They will get bumped. I hung most of these frames with two screws--something about how the wall was built made pounding nails impossible. Some of them still needed some poster putty or sticky-backed velcro strips to keep them from going wonky every time someone bounced down the stairs!

But I loved this gallery wall because I got to stare at my kids! It took the pictures out of storage and put them where they could be enjoyed! It also transformed a boring stairwell with ugly carpet, weird handrails and a desperate need for paint into something that was fun to look at! To see the original post about this stairwell gallery wall, visit this post!

And it taught me the value of a well-patched hole the day we moved out. Because I patched every one!

Today is Day 15! Are you planning a gallery wall yet?

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