Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Hall Display

If you stand at the bottom of our stairs this is what you'll see. If you go up to the landing you'll see our gallery wall.

 At the top of the stairs is our bedroom. (Nobody pin the mauve carpet!)

Across from our room is Jared and Josiah's room.

Just so you know. 

If you thunder back down the stairs like my boys do, or glide down like myself (cough, sputter), you'll see this little display across from the little bookcase I showed you earlier. It used to be in the guest room and it looked like this:

That room has evolved into Jonathan's room and now looks like this.

But back to the hall. This little display is just an odd collection of cute stuff. A couple signs I made with fencing from our property in Iowa, a couple mirrors, and an empty frame with paint chip strips clothespinned to it. There's also a shallow box that opens and holds keys, but it's empty. It makes a great perch for the ducky though! The ducky is in the pictures of my first two boys at 9 months in a bathtub. That made more sense in my head. Boy number 3 got his picture taken too, but it's still not printed, framed and hung. He's 2. Bad mommy.

And back to the bookcase side of the hall...

There's this large frame with a canvas wreath hung on it. 

There's a picture frame with pictures of me and Gary when we were babies. Aw...

There's some design books with a basket of travel guides on top. The one about Scotland has been getting attention lately. Oh, look, a peek at our bathroom!

I keep my book collections here, you know, all the sets of books you used to love--Narnia, Little House, Anne of Green Gables. The bottom shelf holds magazines--just Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens. The basket below holds old children's books that were Gary's.

So there you go! A little tour of our little hall. I tried to keep it light and bright as it isn't on its own. I also tried to make it uninteresting for little hands and they've mostly stayed out of it. Love those little hands!

I pass this little spot about 73 times a day and it makes me smile each time. I love it when that happens!

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