Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Five Little Monkeys

A friendly stranger took this picture with my cell phone. My aunt edited the color, and I just love how this picture turned out! Isn't technology amazing? Anyway, this tree is at the Morgan Creek Arboretum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It just so happens that Gary and I have a picture of the two of us in/by this tree from back when it was just the two of us! Aw...

I'm back eating grain-free, gluten-free. I've been really good about it for about a week and feel better already. I have to stick with it this time! Now I'm eliminating sugar as well, except for small amounts of maple syrup and honey. I have a serious sugar addiction, and no sugar means no coffee either. It's so hard! I'm on day two and it's a struggle. Harder than avoiding grains/gluten!

Gary's been home more this summer. We've fallen into a pattern of eating breakfast between 8-9, lunch around 1 and supper at 6. We've been trying to make suppers lighter, so tonight I made this. It's a peach-blueberry crisp and we topped it with blueberry-banana "ice cream". It was good but not very sweet, just so you know.

I've always wanted to be one of those cool moms who has special questions and topics to engage our kids in the conversation in positive ways at meal times. Not that they have any trouble talking, and we let them chatter for the most part. But tonight Jonathan asked me a question I thought was interesting, and I made sure to ask the other members of our family too. Here's a look at our conversation.

"Mommy, what's your favorite sound in the whole world?" Jonathan asked me.

"The sound of my little boys laughing. Especially when Daddy laughs too because he's tickling you."

"You know what my favorite sound is? The sound of airplanes and helicopters," and Jonathan motioned with his arms and made the appropriate sounds that only little boys know how to make.

"And me! You know what my favortist sound is? Awpwanes and hewicoptoes, no juss hewicoptoes," Jared piped up.

"What about you, Josiah?" I asked

"Ah-pane" he answered immediately.

"And you, Daddy?"

"My boys laughing."

We just adore our three little monkeys!

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