Friday, August 2, 2013


Campfire at Morgan Creek Park

 Let's see, in the last week we spent another weekend camping, drove from Iowa to Ohio and had a week of being home puttering around, not doing much, but in a good way. I chose to caption the pictures here like I did when originally posted on Instagram. (I'm gibsongirl726-come find me!) It seems that I've been getting my cell phone out to take pictures a whole lot more than my fancy camera lately, so I owe you a picture dump. Like all the ones that didn't make it to Instagram. Ok, so maybe you don't need that, but I do. You've been warned!

Enough chatter; I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Mr. Scoots (Josiah)

My Little Monkey

Rooster Tail #boysandmud

Last weekend camping it was 90 and humid. This weekend it's 60 with another storm coming in. July in Iowa? #stillcamping

Josiah was napping on the bench at the table in the trailer. He woke up, sat up, looked around, and fell back asleep sitting up. #sillykid #sleepingbeauty
On the road again. #leavingiowa #tenhourdriveahead

Do green waves count? #illinois

Rest stops with playgrounds? Go Illinois!
Ohio welcomes you!

Welcome home!

Fortune: If we are all worms, try to be a glow worm. #cantmakethisstuffup
Love this face! #jonathan

My little sweetheart. #josiah
Cute little cutie. #jared

Almond butter + eggs + spices = amazing breakfast bread! #grainfree

No training wheels! Go Jared!

My big and my little, helping Daddy.
This boy. Adore him! #josiah
Josiah saw me taking pictures of the other boys and said, "Take picture me, Mommy!" and posed himself. Doesn't he look proud?

Also, someone might need to stop putting her finger on the camera. Sorry for the smudges! We'll just pretend it's a fancy "glow" filter, mmmmkay?

Josiah loves his "lallowen"!

Blurry but yummy. #bunlessburger made with oats and nuts. #glutenfree

Ugh. Sorting the last few boxes from our move. #iwanttothrowup #didntmissit #whowantsmyweddingdress

Seriously. So awful. Dark, spidery basement. Finding random things you didn't know were lost from your move 6 months ago... Deciding what to do with your wedding dress, baby clothes you couldn't get rid of, your own baby blankets, stuff from college, stuff from your grandparents... It all has to go at some point because when we move to the UK in another year, it either has to go in our suitcases, on a super-expensive tiny pallet to get shipped over later, or in storage for 10-ish years. Did I mention it isn't fun?

Our introspective boy. #peoplewatching #fulltummy
So that's our week. Well, there's more, but I'm saving that for another time. I need to show you my dining room and living room, and there's a project I'm doing for a friend--a sign that was all her idea but I get the fun of making it come to life!

Hope you have a good weekend!

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