Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Living Room {Tour}

Welcome to our living room! Please sit down and make yourself comfortable!

If you know me in real life and have been to my house in the last, oh, 10 years, this is just another variation on the theme. Same couch, same art, same furniture, same lamps.

But other than wishing for a new couch, there isn't much I would do to change our living room. I guess some ruts make us feel comfortable!

Now if we owned this house, I would want to paint the fireplace and extend the hardwood floors and get a nice area rug and sectional. But we don't, and it makes no sense to buy a couch right now, so this relic, this first piece of furniture that I bought after college will do just fine.

It is very comfortable, and is like a friend after being around for so long! If this couch could talk, oh the stories it could tell! Well, maybe I'm glad it can't!

You saw this corner of our living room already when I showed you how I used hot glue and staples to re-upholster this chair.

And you've seen the mantle and fireplace a time or two.

We only keep the blocks basket and the one, new dumptruck in the living room. That and some kid books are all the toys in here. The boys sometimes bring other toys to play in the living room, but they must always clean them up when they're finished.

We put shelves in this TV cabinet and use it for more books and for printers/extra paper and laptop accessories. I like that we can shut the door and not see the stacks of things that aren't very pretty!

Pretty books up high, kid's books down low. Puzzles and games are in the bin.

One side table was exchanged for this trunk Gary found at an auction. It stores extra quilts, while a basket of magazines (and usually my laptop) rest on top.

Another bin of kid's books hides under this side table with an ice cream bucket to hold Gary's magazines as it's right by his chair. His laptop is usually on this table too.

So there you go, our living room in our little rental house in Ohio. Hope you enjoyed the tour! Does your living room change over time? Have you gotten new furniture in the last 10 years? Upgrade the couch?

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