Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jonathan's Room

You're going to recognize this room. As I mentioned last week when I showed you Jared and Josiah's room, we experimented with giving Jonathan his own room while on a trip in June. He loved it! We loved it too. I hated the idea of giving up my craft room/guest room, but in reality, giving Jonathan his own space was much more practical and rewarding than having a dedicated spot for my crafty stuff! And we're not overrun with guests.

So yes, I moved out a little bit of my stuff, threw away some things that I'm not sure why I was keeping, edited the art, switched out the bookcase, added a waterproof mattress pad and had a room suitable for my 6-year-old or overnight guests which still stores my crafts!

I would like to show you a quick tour today and in the future talk about different areas and how they work for my son, for guests, or for crafts. So, enjoy the tour!

I was sitting on Jonathan's bed to get a picture of the desk. Josiah thought it was an invitation to come and sit with Mommy. I love his little toes and how he shows us how he needs to be loved!

Jonathan loves his room. He takes more ownership, is less of a clown in the mornings and evenings, and has taken some additional responsibilities. He's growing up so fast!

I will share with you about the art, the stuff, the closet, how I made the dresser and desk serve different purposes... I even changed a mirror into an art display center!

You know what's funny, one of the main reasons I didn't want to make this switch was because of the little gallery wall that was there. (Don't remember? You can see it here!) But the hall that this bedroom and the downstairs bathroom share was looking a little blank, so I moved the display out there and I think I like it better! I'll show you soon.

What do like about Jonathan's room? It's the first time he hasn't shared a room since before Jared turned two! Ok, so Jared just turned four, but still, it's pretty special


  1. I love the balloon on the wall! I saved my little guy's first birthday balloon, but never knew a special way to display it!



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