Monday, July 1, 2013

Moodboard Collections: Kitchen and Dining

It's Monday! And it's July! How did that happen?! My boys are in week 2 of their swim lessons, so that means we'll be busy-busy again! We had a nice weekend that was pretty low-key. We got to grill twice--and both times it rained! Speaking of which, we've been getting SO much rain lately. I like rain, but we've discovered a couple leaks in our rental house and I'd just like to dry out for awhile. Guess it's good prep for going to Scotland or Ireland next year! And, at the risk of rambling, I'm grateful that we're dealing with rain and cooler temps rather than so many of my California and Nevada friends and family that are baking lately. Ouch! Sorry guys!

I try to post a moodboard on Mondays, just to have something predictable to take out the guess work on what to blog about. I thought I'd repost a favorite moodboard--those are some of my most popular posts--but I couldn't narrow down the field and I decided to post a theme instead. So here's a look at several different kitchens and dining rooms I've put together over the last year.

I know we don't all get to change up our whole kitchen or dining room very often, but maybe you'll be inspired to change one thing, just for a fresh summer look. 

Hope your Monday is a good one!

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