Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our New Faucet

Sometimes there are big things to blog about; sometimes they are small. Today I want to share with you a new faucet my husband installed in our rental home. I know in the grand scheme of things a new faucet isn't a big deal, but I'm all about celebrating the little things!

As you might have seen from earlier posts on our kitchen, it's bright and white, functional and organized but clearly done on a budget. The cupboards are particle board, the counters are laminate, and the backsplash is chalkboard paint.

Here's where we were before. Nothing wrong with our faucet, though it did leak a little at the base. I've just been spoiled by a gooseneck faucet for several years at our old home in Iowa. I missed being able to fit large items under the faucet, missed the pull-down spayer (even though we had a separate sprayer) and I missed the built-in soap dispenser! I know, first-world problems.

I bought this faucet a few weeks ago. It's a Delta Savile Stainless 1-Handle Pull-Down Sink/Counter Mount Kitchen Faucet. It's at Lowe's for $189. When I bought it, full-price was $199, but since the box was damaged I got it for $180. I would have probably picked out a cheaper faucet, but I ran into the Delta rep when I was browsing... and he's good at his job! I felt good about my choice and the discount helped, but what really sold me was that three people told me what a great faucet it was as I was buying it--the guy in the faucet section who approved the mark-down, the Delta rep who said he just installed it at his mom's house and was saving for one for his home, and the lady at the check-out register raved about her faucet too!

My husband is so very handy! It didn't take him long to take out the old faucet and install the new one. 

Yup. I love it! Love that it's taller, love the pull-down sprayer, love the built-in soap dispenser!

What about you? Any small changes around your home that are making a big difference?

(No, this isn't a paid post. Delta doesn't know I exist! Just love a pretty, functional faucet!)

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