Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 12 DIY Projects of 2012

Ok, so maybe this is a little redundant, but it's not exactly the same as yesterday's Top 12 Posts of 2012. These are only DIY projects, where my true love lies in the world of blogging. Family updates are important, sharing inspiring images from other sources is, well, hopefully inspiring, and making moodboards is a lot of fun. But to me the real joy in blogging is the do-it-yourself projects I get to figure out. I love reading those posts on other blogs too. Hey, it's the name of my blog--taking "ashes" and making something beautiful out of it!

So once you take out anything else that isn't my own work, here is the countdown of my 12 most popular DIY projects of 2012. You know what, I want to start with the most popular and work down, ok? Ok.

Number 1: Duct Tape Trim in our master bedroom.

Number 2: Our Master Bedroom Tour

Number 3: How To Make a Cover Collage Using PicMonkey.

Number 4: "It is Well" Sign on a piece of old fencing.

Number 5: How To Make Your Own Canvas Portraits.

Number 6: DIY Giant Ruler

Number 7: DIY Father's Day Sign

Number 8: How To Disguise an Ugly Door

Number 9: Initial Barnwood Sign

 Number 10: Kid's Art Display

 Number 11: My Craft Closet

Did you also notice that all of these happened in the first part of the year, before we packed up the house and moved? Hopefully in 2013 I will have a place where real DIY can happen again.

What was your favorite project of 2012?


  1. Those were great projects, Ellie, and I remember each and every one of them. I hope you soon have a new home to call your own- xo Diana

  2. Love these projects! What an excellent and creative year you've had!:)



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