Friday, January 11, 2013


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I mean, it's time to see what we were really up to this week! It's actually all of January as last week I absolutely over did it with my recap of December. 

We're in a holding pattern around here. Our little family of 5 has overrun grandma and grandpa's house in the Ozarks as we wait for a much needed job to finalize. It looks as if everything is falling into place, but we haven't gotten the "full speed ahead" yet. So. Still waiting. So thankful for Gary's parents having a big enough place and big enough hearts to so graciously welcome us into their home and lives. Seriously, it's going on a month!

I failed to take pictures of my mother-in-law's injured arm. Didn't seem nice. Last week she woke up one morning with an achy arm, it got worse, and she ended up in the ER a couple days later. The x-rays showed her shoulder out of socket and ligaments torn with surgery looming on the horizon. That was Thursday, I think. On Friday she stopped taking painkillers. On Sunday she had an MRI. On Tuesday she met with the doctor and was told her shoulder is back in joint, the ligaments are healing on their own and all she needs is physical therapy for a few sessions! He also told her that this "doesn't happen" and he's "never seen anything like this." She told him it was because so many people are praying for her. Amen!

Anyway, I also had a fun morning in town with a friend and her daughter. We went to a couple antique stores and had lunch at a cute coffee shop. No pictures. Not even on my cell phone. Oh well!

1. Stealing some loves from my #2.
2."Sometimes you just have to jump and build your wings on the way down." Jump already!
3. Vegan fondue and sparkling grape juice. Happy New Year!
4. Jonathan is quite the Lego architect. Note the fancy chimney.
5. Josiah thinks the toy bucket makes a great hat! He is saying, Wow! #hesstillwearingit
6. Jared built a telescope! I spy with my little eye... A little eye! 
7. Finally trying the leggings trend. Love them!  
8. Mommy, can you please take a picture of the house I built so people can see it? 
9. Oh projects, how I've missed you! #grandkidgallery 

1-6. Snow day!
7-9. Art time!

1. Ending my day on an English note. #downtonabbey #didyouseethatmilkglasslamp
2. Happy birthday great grandma! 96 years young. (This is my husband's grandma, great-grandma to my boys.)
3. Funny face
4. Gallery wall sneak peak.
5. Flu shot: Garlic, ginger, cayenne, honey, pineapple juice, lemon.
6. My view today. My tummy is upset, so I'm relegated to the living room with high dosages of charcoal.
7. Puppy!  
8. As seen on my walk today. #crookedcreek
9. Mini musician.

So there you have it, life according to Instagram. Come follow me!


I'm linking up to this fun party at Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend!

life rearranged


  1. Looks like you had a busy week. cute family! I love snow days and art days! have a great weekend. (coming from from Life.Rearranged.)

  2. I hate when I do that. Go to an amazing place your excited about and forget to snap even one photo. Jealous of the snowy day, make me miss home, just a tiny bit. Until I remember shoveling and dusting.

  3. Your poor mother in law! Glad the prayers are working that is amazing!

    Love your "flu shot" my friends pastor has something similar to cure just about everything. He calls it woo juice because it tastes so potent you go WOOO. Is yours preventative or a remedy?



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