Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Snowglobes {DIY}

Don't you love the little winter snowglobes that are all over blogs and Pinterest? 

When it looks like this outside--or if you wish it would... or are so thankful it's not like that... What I'm trying to say is that Christmas may be over, but these cute little snowglobes are a darling winter display in January!

I found the supplies for these at Walmart. Well, the jars came from my mother-in-law's stash of jars. They're old old mayonnaise jars. Any wide-mouth jar would work, whether it's a salsa jar or a canning jar.  

The trees and figurines were in the Christmas aisle at Walmart, but I'm sure you could find them at Michael's or other places too. The last ingredients you need are hot glue and Epsom salt.

I found it works best to hot glue the scene to the lid of the jar, then pour in Epsom salt over the top. Carefully turn the jar upside-down over the lid and screw it in place. 

Aren't they sweet? I tied twine around the lid to hide the blue of the original mayonnaise jar. You could spray paint the lids (before you assemble the snowglobe), wrap it in ribbon or something else creative.

You could do many variations on this idea, like putting in a pretty ornament, or a matchbox truck with the Christmas tree in the back, or a tiny house... The options are endless!

So there you have it! Have fun creating this winter!

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