Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

Do you bloggers go through times when you have no crafts or projects or even family pictures to post about? Yeah... Me too. I thought I'd share some funnies from Pinterest today, just because it's Wednesday and we could all use some humor. But my humor is kinda dry and quirky... So while these are hilarious to me I'm not even sure they'll make you chuckle! Oh well! Here goes nothing!

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Oh my, I have a terrible time remembering jokes, but I always remembered this knock-knock joke. Maybe because of my Kindergarten teaching days. Do you know it?

Our dog's name is Jude. When we were newlyweds we came home early from a camping trip and stopped for breakfast at a cafe called Jude's. We both started singing the Beatles song and decided if we ever had a male dog we'd name it Jude. And if we had a female dog, her name would be Lucy from "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Two years later we got our Jude. We only had Jonathan at the time, but now it's funny to us that our dog's name fits right in with the J names for our boys! And that song gets stuck in our heads every time we call our dog, "Heyyyyy Jude...." 

Ok, so here's proof that I'm a weirdo!!!

Seriously, that makes me snort!

This one is me. All winter. And sometimes in the summer. Do you rationalize like this?

Ok, here's a super-long one that isn't really funny, per se, but it made my heart happy to read through all the different pictures. I want to volunteer to hold babies all the time too, but would have freaked out as a new mom if someone had asked me, so I bite my tongue. That and my hands/cart are usually full with my own brood! I LOVE the story about the new tires too. So meaningful! What's your favorite one?

So there you have it, hopefully a giggle or two, or at least a warm heart. I hope your week is going well!
Until next time,


  1. The new ipad made me laugh right out loud.

    The hairy leg thing is soooo me, except I've stopped even ASKING the question in the winter - - - LONG PANTS! In the summer I bite the bullet and shave because unfortunately 1) I DO care what people think and 2) God gave me my dad's BEARD on my legs.

  2. My heart was already warmed by all those great and fun pictures of your trip to Iowa, and then I laughed and awed my way through these! Looks like life is going well for you! :-)

  3. OMG, that iPad pic made me literally lol! Thanks for the laugh :)



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