Friday, January 18, 2013

Insta-Friday Lucky 13

 That's right, I only posted 13 pictures on Instagram this week. Guess I need to get out more! 

 Pretty Ozark sunset.

It's a mocha morning. #thismugisasbigasmyhead 

Princes Jared and Josiah

These two sweeties and I stayed home from church. I was still getting over a little bug from the day before and Jared showed signs of coming down with it too. We were both better by the end of the day, btw. I made all three of the boys paper crowns to play with. Children of the king!
In a small town the craft aisle at Walmart is a welcome retreat. #Missouri

Seriously. I bought yarn. I never buy yarn! I have a pretty cool scarf half done!
Salem #Missouri #Ozarks

So in love with this little person! #nothingsweeterthanasleepingchild

 The perfect anytime meal: eggs scrambled with tomato and spinach, cucumbers and sweet peppers with mayo/dill dressing. #glutenfreeexperiment

Yeah, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. And it's a long story, but my husband and I are doing a gluten free experiment. We're actually eliminating sugar, processed food, grains and legumes for a while, then we'll add them back in to see how we feel. So far we feel good and we've both lost weight! It's only been 3 days.

This funny little guy just said, “I think heaven will be like a big cloud of joy with grass on it. And animals and pretties of gold."

Have I mentioned how much I love my kids? 

Lunch was so good! Sweet potato cakes, Brussels sprouts with walnuts, salad with slivered almonds and cashew-ranch dressing. No grains or legumes or processed foods experiment continues.

It might hold me accountable, but I'm not sure anyone else wants to see what we eat every meal. Right? Do you? I'll post them if you want! Let me know if you do. Are you gluten free? Legume free? Vegan? Paleo? What works for you? 

I love barns! This one belongs to my friend in #Missouri. #barnsarecool

If you're new to Beauty4Ashes, you might not know that I used to do a series called "Barns of Benton County". I miss driving around taking pictures of barns! There's a linky thing on the side labeled "Barns". Hey, maybe I should add a tab at the top! Great, more blog homework.

And now for Episode 2. #downtonabbey

Are you a fan? Have you seen it at all? I just ignored the first season (no tv), but I heard so much about it right before the second season that I watched them all at once online somewhere. Hulu? It's fun to watch Season 3 on a week-by-week schedule. Love this show! (I watch on It's free but only has the current season.)

Why yes, that is a latex glove on my husband's head. Thanks for noticing. #sillyman

Grandkid gallery wall is finally live on the blog! Link in profile.

How can something that seems so simple really take that long to complete? Beats me! I do need your vote on adding some lettering, so if you have a chance, go see the original post and tell me what you think!

I've linked up with Jeanette and the crew!
Have a great Friday!

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  1. great pictures! i have a thing for barns, them and can never pass by an old , cool barn without stopping for a picture. i'm right next door in illinois! : )



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