Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barnwood Sign

Our barn is full of curious and odd things, not the least of which is some old lumber.

This chunk of wood has lived in our house for a couple years, previously displaying our last name stenciled in white. While I liked that idea, the stencils were crooked and on a lark I flipped the sign over and drew a G on it.

G could stand for lots of things, but it happens to be the initial of our last name, of course. 

I free-handed the letter with basic trim paint and a small paint brush. When it was dry, I gave the whole thing a good scrub under running water with a brush. The wood is really old and soft and it all gave the G an old and weathered look.

Oh, hey, did you notice my twine-tied candles? That's new too. I've been slowly taking the red out of my living room and replacing it with light blue. The candles were burgundy.

And chewed on--I guess they were just too tempting to a couple little boys when they were displayed lower. I glued on a layer of paper before wrapping the twine around the candles so no red would show. If I choose to burn the candles in the future, I'll add a votive inside that will keep the open flame away from the edge of the candle and the twine.

While you're in my living room I'd like to show you how I've set up my shelves with the entertainment unit. I love it like this and don't know why I didn't try this sooner! It's directly across from the big picture window which our couch is centered on. I realize that I'm not following the trend in blogland to paint my armoire, but I happen to like it this way! I'm not into huge white pieces of furniture, and I'm fickle with other colors. 

Speaking of color, I'm tired of the dark brown wall. I would like more light on that half of the room, and I've been wanting something lighter. You can see my curtain panel below, which is the color I've been adding here and there. The curtains are staying, as is the big leather chair. The carpet will eventually be replaced with hardwood flooring. I'm wondering if a silver blue would work well in here, or greige or the tan that's behind the blue curtain. 

What would you suggest? Silvery blue? Gray? Greige? Tan? Board and batten with one of those shades on top? Bloggy Reading


  1. Love the shelves and love the sign!

    I'm not big on accent walls, so I'd probably paint them all the same color.

  2. What fun projects that add a lot of impact to the room. Looks great! shhh Don't tell anyone, but I like wood tone furniture here and there too. I would suggest 2 shades lighter than the curtains as the accent wall. If you go too greige or silver, it could seem out of place. That's my 2 cents. :) have a great weekend!

  3. Maybe tan or gray?? I love that chair:):)Good luck choosing, I just hate to choose paint colors...mostly because there's so many to pick from. Smiles, Susie

  4. Ellie,

    I saw that this post was featured over at Serenity Now.


  5. Hey, Ellie, Just wanted to tell you that your home is so cute!! You did a wonderful job !! Also, wanted to say you could check out living room for an idea or two because it looks like you have almost the same taste and room setup as she does and she did her room in board & batten and it looks really nice too. And if it was me, I'd keep some color just because of the long winters with all that white snow. We have it here too. You'll get things done in time, don't worry. Enjoy your family and home while they are with you, they grow fast. You have all the most important things!! Wish you had a friend closer too. Hope you have a great day! ~~
    ~~~Blessings to you, Annabell :)

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