Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspiration Files: National Parks Roadtrip

Perhaps it's because my oldest turns 5 next month...

Perhaps it's because we just got back from a little weekend trip...

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Perhaps it's because it's something I loved doing when I was a kid...

Whatever the reason, I've always wanted to take a US National Parks roadtrip tour. 

In my dreams only could we get to all of the parks in a year's time. I'm thinking more of several month-long excursions over the years. I mean, the US is pretty huge!

We could do the West Coast ones one year, Southwest desserty type another year, then the ones in and near the Rockies, another excursion for the Southern parks... Alaska would get it's own trip. 

Of course the kids would study the National Parks in advance. Talk about a comprehensive study unit! Animals, plants, geology, geography, weather, history, science, math, maps, the states--Wow! Web Rangers has some fun online activities about National Parks.

Depending on their ages and interests, the boys can sleep under the stars, in a tent, in a tree, whatever. Me? 

How about a renovated Airstream? (There will be no pink flamingos around mine!) 

Or this one: 

It's worth your time to follow that link above and get the tour of that trailer. Incredible!

Well, at least I have a few years to plan. Have you ever done something like that? How many National Parks have you been to? What's your favorite one? Have you ever renovated a trailer? 

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  1. Oh! You and I are kindred spirits. I love national parks- they've always been my vacation destination of choice.

    I've done the grand circle twice and highly recommend it. It's a lot of driving, so best with older kids or when you have lots of time.

    Another destination to consider are the Canadian national parks in the northern Rockies. We went when my daughter was only about 15 months old and rented a condo in banff as our home base. It was September and absolutely beautiful. Wonderful day trips out of banff for hiking and wildlife viewing.

    My parents go to Yellowstone for a week every year alternating spring and fall.

    Looking forward to others' recommendations. With an almost three year old and one on the way, family national park tours are several years away.



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