Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 12 Posts of 2012

I'm having fun seeing everyone's lists of popular posts and projects for 2012. I was thinking of not compiling a list this year, but I decided to just check and see what would have made the list and, well, now there's this post.

Basically, I was really encouraged. Sometimes I feel that no one reads because no one comments, but when you look at the stats you see that's just not the case! So thanks for reading guys, whether it's every post or stuff you find via search engine or Pinterest.

So here they are, my countdown of Top 12 Posts of 2012!

Number 12: DIY Father's Day Sign. This sign was super easy with the help of my little Cricut machine. Stickers would work too.

Number 11: DIY Giant Ruler. I can't wait to hang this in our next home! I did copy down the dates/ages/names/heights of our little guys before we moved so we didn't lose that information that was written on a door frame in our old house. Love this ruler and the concept! I didn't use my Cricut for this one--just stencils and a ruler.

Image via Country Living

Number 10: Inspiration Files-Home Libraries. Sometimes it's the collections inspired by Pinterest that get the attention! Here is a collection of fabulous home libraries. I've always wanted a library/dining room. What about you?

Image via Martha Stewart

Number 9: Inspiration Files: Tree Stump Tables and Stools. Here is another collection that got lots of attention! I still haven't been able to make (or have my talented husband make) one of these, but it's a great idea! Would you do it?

Number 8: Guest Post-Organizing Children's Spaces. My blogging friend Katie from On the Banks of Squaw Creek and I did guests posts for each other and it turns out her post was one of my most popular! Her ideas are fabulous, simple and unique. If you haven't checked it out already, you won't regret it! (Thanks again, Katie!)

Image via

Number 7: Inspiration Files-Modern Farmhouse Part 2. All that PINspiration inspired me to make a mock home tour of this beautiful modern farmhouse. Strangely, Part 2 is more popular than Part 1! Just in case you're curious here is the Modern Farmhouse Tour, Part 1.

Number 6: DIY Canvas Portraits. I still love how this project turned out! I got to see the cute little trio both at my mom's house and at my in-law's house recently. See? Everyone loves it, it's super easy and really inexpensive too! Go check it out and give it a whirl!

Number 5: DIY Wood Sign. Honestly, I think this post gained much of its popularity through spam. Oh well, I like the sign and it was another really easy one. Click the link to find out what my secret weapon was on this baby! (Don't you hate it when bloggers do that? Ha!)

Number 4: How to Make a Cover Collage Using PicMonkey. I had no idea this was a popular post! It has hundreds and hundreds of hits and only about two comments. I still use PicMonkey all the time, but they finally started charging to use a good portion of their options. Sigh... You can still make an awesome cover collage or blog header though!

Number 3: Our New Master Bedroom Tour. I miss this little room! It was so welcoming and peaceful. Given the chance I would do it very similarly again! There are a ton of great related posts--the barn wood headboard, the easy drop cloth wreath, organizing the closets, making striped curtains and drop cloth valances... And tips on organizing too, as this was a tiny room!

Image via BHG

Number 2: Inspiration Files:15 Pretty Breakfast Nooks. It seems I'm not the only one looking for pretty breakfast nook inspiration! Thank you, Pinterest!

And my Number 1 most popular post of 2012 hands down: Crown Molding, Decorative Trim and Duct Tape! Yeah, still proud of this idea! The white duct tape trim really makes the room, doesn't it? This concept was featured a couple places too, which doesn't hurt at all. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat, though I still don't know what happens when it's time to remove the tape.

So there you have it! What was your favorite post of 2012? I sure hope the place we'll be living this year allows for some creativity and DIY projects. Thanks for reading and for sticking with me into 2013!


  1. I found your blog a while back when looking up master bedroom ideas, and fell in love with yours! Happy 2013 :)

  2. I love them all and you know I love following you. Happy 2013! xo Diana



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