Monday, January 28, 2013

Navy and Coral Girl's Bedroom {Moodboard}

I'm liking the navy trend right now. Navy + green, navy + red, navy + orange and of course navy + pink. I thought I'd give it a little more of a twist and develop this girl's bedroom mood board with navy and coral.

I chose a Jenny Lind bed frame that will contrast beautifully with navy walls. To keep the walls from being too dark and heavy, I imagine navy on the bottom two-thirds on the wall and white on the top. Then there would be these fun, floral decals to brighten up the room. Another secret to keeping the room from getting dark is to keep all of the furniture (except the bed) simple, clean and white. I provided this girl with a book shelf with baskets for books and display or toys, a large dresser, a small desk and a bedside table. 

The bedding I chose is floral on one side with coral and navy stripes on the other. This gives the bedding lots of flexibility and fun! I chose three pillows in the same colors but with different patterns. Patterns are also found in the curtain (chevron) and area rug (stripes). Of course these are just inspiration and you can mix and match all you want. The piece I used for the "curtain" is actually a towel, but a chevron pattern would be easy to stencil and paint yourself on plain curtains, or you can find something similar ready-made. 

For the walls I chose a monogram and a large beautiful mirror. Of course this leaves lots of room for individual personality--framed art, a bulletin board covered in another fun fabric, or a picture collage for a girl's collection of BFFs. 

The lighting in the room includes a chandelier in the middle of the room as well as a lamp on the bedside table. If the desk is used for studying, there should be another light source there as well. 

This is a room that will grow, meaning it would be totally appropriate for a young child all the way through the teenage years, yet there are small things you could change to suit a girl at different stages of interest and growth.

What do you think? Do you like navy + coral?


  1. I had a house decorated in navy and rose pink back in the 80's. Everyone that saw it just loved it- and so did I. I love seeing navy make a comeback and in a new, fresher way- xo Diana

  2. Charlene told me that she loves to read your blog because you are so creative. :)

  3. Ellie,
    I want to do these colors for my 2nd daughters nursery due early this summer? I was thinking coral and navy with a nautical theme. Did you end up doing these colors? I was thinking navy and pink may be easier to coordinate but I would love your opinion on finding coral accents and even if they are different shades how do they look? Pictures would be great! Thanks!



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