Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tones and Textures {Moodboard}


I put this master bedroom mood board together with several goals in mind. Of course we all want a bedroom to be a place where we can unwind and rest. I wanted to keep that relaxing vibe by staying with neutral colors. I chose shades of beige with some blacks and browns and whites. Not using a brighter color scheme means it could get boring pretty fast! To prevent this, I looked for things with lots of pattern and texture. You'll fine chevron, herringbone, stripes, solids, cowhide, shag, jute, fur, knits, terrycloth and leather.

Another element that might not be as obvious is that these things can all be moved. I've got moving on the brain! And renting. Other than hanging the art on the wall and perhaps hanging a curtain rod, nothing gets damaged. No renovations, special flooring or wall treatment. Not even paint as these neutrals would look great with builder beige or basic white walls. 

Do you like neutral color schemes? Or does this mood board make you yawn. Wait, it's a bedroom--isn't yawning a good thing?

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