Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Favorite Things

I think I might have done a post or two like this way back when, but I was thinking I should share some of my recent favorite things. Like actual physical things that I use nearly every day--with the exception of the leggings--and didn't cost very much--with the exception of my cell phone. Shoot! Just gave two of them away! By the way, I did the above picture with one of PicMonkey's sample stock photos and a few free Valentine themed add-ons that are free. PicMonkey is definitely still one of my favorite things, but it's gotten harder to use since I refuse to upgrade my account and some of their edits I can no longer use. 

Anyhoo, onto the list! 


Yes, I love my smart phone. I know I say that often, but it's so convenient! Morning devotional, texting/IMing with friends, Instagram, directions, weather, pedometer, shopping lists, Facebook, Pinterest... I use my phone all day long! 

It's a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ($145 Walmart) with a Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Plan ($45/month). Not super cheap as far as cheap goes, but when we crunched the numbers for a family plan at that place that starts with a V and rhymes with "horizon", we would save around $1500 over the course of a typical 2-year contract. Wait, that was with two phones and two plans, just so we're clear. So far we are happy with the service (live help), coverage and the phone itself, though the battery life is crummy. We also like not being trapped by a contract if our economic status changes or if Gary's employee package includes a phone. You know? It's just good to have an out, even if you don't end up needing it.


 Ok, seriously, I feel like these Cami Secret clip-on camis ($9.88 Walmart) have changed my life!!! I've been needing these for as long as I care to remember.  They're so much easier than layering with tank tops and stay in place better than I thought they would. I just leave the white one on my white bra and the black on on my black bra and wear them every day. No more accidental cleavage for me, thanks!


Lately because I'm cheap, I came across a new-to-me brand of make up. It's NYC and until I googled some images of it for this blog post, I didn't know it was owned by Maybelline. At first I was attracted by the price (each of the above were under $3 at Walmart), but I'm also happy with the quality. My eyelashes are soft, not clumpy or stiff, and it washes off in the shower--I never wash my face at night. The blush is new but I tried it today and I like it. The only thing I don't like is that the cashier dropped it and while it looked fine, one of the hinges is broken. Gah!


I held out on the leggings trend for a long time. As in, I tried my first pair (Danskin brand, $8 Walmart) a couple weeks ago. I thought only skinny people could wear them. I bought them thinking the worst that could happen is that I'd wear them for pajamas. But they felt like air! Like yoga pants only more so! While I've only gotten the nerve to wear them in public once--with a dress and ballet flats--I've worn them around the house several other times with tunic type shirts. Definitely like them. 


It's the new year. I've had some extra time on my hands. I've been doing a lot of reading to try to find something that would work better for me. Unfortunately I've gotten into the habit of eating what easy--namely lots of processed carbs like bread and pasta. Not good. Something clicked when I read about the reasons why people are loving the Paleo/Caveman diet. But as a life-long vegetarian, I could not embrace eating so much meat! I did decide after reading Ana White's post, that Gary and I should do a no grains, no dairy, not even legumes (bloating) and no processed food fast or cleanse or whatever.

So we are! We're in our second week and feeling fantastic. Both of us have felt more stable, more energetic, clearer skin and better sleep. What are we eating? Veggies. Fruit. Nuts and seeds. Eggs (cage-free, natural diet). Occasionally we'll eat fish or chicken when Gary catches the former or when we eat out. We've both lost a couple pounds too! Without exercising! Not that I'm saying you don't have to exercise to be healthy...

Just this week I came across Whole Living.  There's a magazine and a website and it's really helped me out lately. I've tried several of their recipes and pinned more. We're really excited about our new love of veggies and how good we feel. 

Just thought I'd share so you might be helped by it too. 


Ok, then! Now you know five of my favorite things. What are some of yours?


  1. I'm yet to try leggings, but want to!! I'm on the short n' plump side hahah!!

  2. Love your list Ellie. Lately one of my new favorite things is the lotion bar that I pinned off off Pinterest. We recently moved to Colorado,cold dry air = dry cracked skin. The lotion bars are really easy to make: melt equal parts beeswax, shortening, and olive oil. Pour into soap molds and let cool. You can also add essential oils for a nice scent.

  3. Casey-me too, yet leggings work somehow when the top is the right length. Try them!
    Ashli-do you use the bar in the shower or after you dry? Sounds easier than regular lotion!



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