Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspiration Files: Modern Farmhouse Fun

Here's a fun trip down Imagination Lane! I picked a beautiful modern farmhouse and designed the rooms inside using my imagination and Pinterest. 

Here is the floorplan of this modern farmhouse:

There would be, of course, a super-organized garage with plenty of storage for garden tools and space for projects. (My husband would have his own separate shop for all things car.)

Source: via L on Pinterest

Since the family would usually enter through the garage, we would add a mudroom in there:

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

The entrance from the garage is shared with the laundry room which would look like this:

Source: via Riley on Pinterest

After passing through the laundry room, you enter the breakfast nook. Because of our family preferences, this so-called nook would be our main eating area. I love this round table that would be comfortable for our family of five yet there's room to add more chairs for guests.

Of course the kids could eat at the breakfast bar:

In fact, the above kitchen would be along the lines of what would fit in this modern farmhouse. That layout isn't at all right, though, so here are some more fun options. The layouts would have to be adjusted, of course.

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Basically, I'd be happy if you gave me a farmhouse sink, plenty of beadboard, some open shelving somewhere and lots of storage! I've also been loving kitchens with some color in them lately, like a greenish gray. I think the 11' x 14' kitchen would have room for an island, perhaps a smaller version of this:

Please, not those lights though!

I'm mildly obsessed with kitchens, so before I get stuck in there forever, let's continue the tour! Here is the floorplan again, for your reference.

It looks like the next room we come to is what is labeled as the dining room. I think it would serve our purposes better as a craft room combined with a classroom! Here are some ideas.

Isn't that fun? Passing through the dining-room-turned-craft-and-classroom is the formal entry to the house. Aren't you glad you came in through the garage with the family? Here's what it could look like.

I'm not wild about the floor and this floor plan has a 2-story ceiling, but the layout is right. I love this area for guests to leave their jackets and shoes, as well as plenty of space to leave a light jacket and flip flops for a quick evening stroll!

If you were to walk in from the front door, the living room would be straight ahead.

I love the above layout but with these colors:

Or these!

Here are some of my favorite areas of the porch... you know, in my imagination!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Yeah, I spent way too much time on Pinterest on Saturday night! I might just do the imaginary bedrooms and bathrooms next time! 


  1. Oh- Ellie- What a fun dream house. And you know what? You might never have that exact house but you can have bits and pieces of it in your own place.

    I am in a pretty sizable house right now and we are talking about downsizing in the Spring. It is a scary/exciting time for me. It will be hard to give up this dream but it is too big for just the two of us.

    Keep dreaming and planning and just never know what might happen. xo Diana

  2. I love that house and floor plan! All your ideas are wonderful. It is so fun to dream, especially with Pinterest. :)
    Thank you for stopping by too!

  3. Soooo FUN!! I love all your inspiration picks..I have pinned some of those myself!! Thanks for stopping by Harrison Home..following you now!



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